Opera Beta crashes

  • Since a few weeks ago, pages on Opera Beta crashes as soon as I go to a bit more heavy site, like sites using flash player, other video or HTML5 elements, sites like Facebook, Gmail, etc. First I thought it was only on my computer, but after I did a complete reinstall I still experienced problems, and also on my second computer with Ubuntu.

    Has anyone else also experienced this? A while ago I asked for logs for individual page crashes, but I got no answer.

    My OS on both computers is Ubuntu 15.04, and I've both pepper flash and ffmpeg.

  • Which version of ffmpeg are you using? We're aware of a crash happening in ffmpeg 2.5, which is fixed with ffmpeg 2.6.

  • My version of ffmpeg is 2.5.7, so I guess that's the problem. But I have, as I said, Ubuntu 15.04, so I've installed ffmpeg from the default repositories, and I've also updated my system.

    So, do I have to compile my own version?

  • It's either that or find a PPA with a newer version :). Here are some instructions for compiling your own, which isn't hard: http://ruario.ghost.io/2014/12/19/adding-h-264-video-support-to-opera-for-linux/

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