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Normal menus instead of Opera button

  • In Unity, by default, the Opera button isn't shown, but instead normal menus (like on Mac). But if the user starts the browser with the command: opera --show-opera-menu, it will force a button instead. I wonder if I can do the opposite, ie. to force normal menus, in for example Xfce, KDE or Gnome, where an Opera button is shown by default.

  • You can't, because although Opera implements the Unity menu and its protocol, it doesn't implement KDE's menus (not possible because Opera not Qt-based) or Gnome's application menu (not possible because Opera not GTK3-based).

  • I wish if there would be a --hide-opera-button or --disable-opera-button command line switch... I wonder if someone already filed this as a bug? They don't necessarily need to implement a KDE or GTK3 menu, just have a normal opera menu without the button, invoked by pressing Alt or Alt-F.

    I know there are people who are not using a keyboard (such as using Opera on a TV) but there are also people who are using Opera with a keyboard, but not using Unity and don't like the Opera menu button and would like to save screen real estate. I miss some of these features from Opera 12...

  • They don't necessarily need to implement a KDE or GTK3 menu

    Indeed, as it was in Opera 12.