Modififcations to pages on load as with the old Opera

  • How can I make modifications to pages on load automatically as this was possible with the old opera.
    With the 12.x Opera it was possible to perform changes to pages on load by local javascript files.

    Is this still possible and how? (yes I know something can be done by extensions, but not everything as it seems)

    I would like to set some input values on page load for a query. The underlying HTML is basically this with some js to activate/execute:

        <div id="Control">
    	    <button id="Btn" class="...."  title=".....">
    		 <span class=".....">BtnTxt</span>
    	    <select id="loopCount">
    		 <option value="1" selected="selected">AAAA</option>
    		 <option value="2">BBBB</option>
    		 <option value="3">CCCC</option>

    I would like to set option 3 as the default and exeuted the standard js.

    Thanks for any help/suggestions.

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