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  • My first question is: Does Opera have an agenda for Opera Mail ?

    It works very well : multiple imap accounts merged, with a wonderful search, mailing-list handling.
    It is very robust, but there are many issues that are annoying when you handle a big stack of mails, and they are even more annoying when you face the issue every day.
    So I would just like to write down some of the annoying (for me) things that could be fixed in Opera Mail:

    • Images unblocking ribbon does not show half the time (conditions unclear, but I can investigate easily if update is confirmed)
    • Adding a link in HTML authoring mode is painful; there is not even a keyboard shortcut to trigger the dialog.
    • If not by default, an option to parses and auto-detect pasting simple urls would be nice.
    • Default reply for a mailing-list item should be the list and not the original sender

    I keep by me my enhancement proposals, they are not in the trend for now.

    BTW, an answer to my first question would be nice from Opera monkeys.


    Another monkey in another company

  • Does Opera have an agenda for Opera Mail ?

    No. Opera mail is abandoned.

  • No. Opera mail is abandoned.

    Can some official person confirm that? I really don't want to believe this. Opera mail is the absolute best mail client, you can't just abandon it. 😞

  • Opera mail is the absolute best mail client, you can't just abandon it.

    Except they can if they want to. I feel anyone's pain when software they use and love stops being updated, paid or free - happened to me on more than one occasion.

  • No. Opera mail is abandoned.

    Can some official person confirm that? I really don't want to believe this. Opera mail is the absolute best mail client, you can't just abandon it.

    Yes, that's what I expect. An "official" answer I can start from to decide where I'll go with my mail handling.

  • Yeah, please tell your plans about this. Will you continue to work on Opera Mail or not? Just tell your users the truth. It is really necessary to know.

  • Opera mail is no longer being developed. It's as simple as that. Deal with it and move on to something else. Even Burnout has moved on.

  • Wait for the new Vivaldi browser ( They are coming with a fully integrated email client, like in the Opera browser.

  • Vivaldi is clunky and already dated. Why turn your clocks back to a 1995 browser/suite. This is 20 years later. Von Tetzchner is providing something that next to no one really wants. My prediction is that it will fall flat on its face and he'll throw in the towel after losing his shirt.

  • chucker98, not all people are eager to use always latest and coolest things; some people prefer old and good proven software - be it from 2 or 20 years ago. It is quite possible that Vivaldi fails - but not due to not having interest of many users; rather it is just very difficult to recreate old Opera full functionality on new engine. Unfortunately partial funtionality doesn't suffice - every old user misses different parts of it 😞

  • It's really a matter of numbers and business sense. The fact is, MOST people want new and cool rather than old and proven. And numbers drive business decisions. Vivaldi will undoubtedly fail due to the simple fact that it only appeals to a very, very small group of geeks longing for a return to the 90's-style suite. It didn't really set the world on fire then and it won't now by an even wider margin. The world of technology has moved on past the suite, dong. It is what it is. Most computing today is done on mobile devices believe it or not. I dumped my tower a few years back since I found it too confining and bought one of the first ultra-books. And even now, I find that at least half of what I do online is done on my smart phone and a tablet. Most users today do not want email clients, instead opting for web mail and social media communication. Of course there will always be room for email clients BUT they really only appeal to businesses and a very small group of consumers who are still stuck on that mode of communication. Opera is not going to develop the older mail client so don't waste your time hoping for the impossible. Mozilla cut loose Thunderbird a few years back and it's now being maintained by the public. There's no money in it. It's a losing proposition and not worth a company applying resources to its development. I'm surprised that Von Tetzchner actually believes he can be successful with this old-style suite. Perhaps that inability to looked forward to the future is why he was ultimately pushed out of Opera altogether.