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Opera for android 29.0.1809.92697 doesn't shows pages

  • After updating to version 29.0.1809.92697 Opera no longer loads web sites. I can write a web address or tap on a speed dial entry but then opera does not show the requested site.

    When I cleared the app's data, Opera started working but I lost my customisation.

    I'm using the European version of Sony Xperia Z2 with stock lollipop 5.0.2

    This issue appears for third consecutive update.

    Let me know if you need additional information to help you resolve this issue.

  • You modified something on opera://flags?

  • he mentioned something about costumisation.. but i dont beleve that's it.. btw @sagrid thank you for the idea now im modify somthing first thing is

    "Disable gesture requirement for media playback. Android
    Disable user gesture requirement for playing media elements. Activating this will allow autoplay to work"

    this was good xoxo 😃

  • Whited pages can be seen changing delegated render behavior (flag mod), after that Opera must be reinstalled. Empty pages only on Discovery area may have the root in Chrome browser installed on the same device, after all Discovery is a tracker where downstream mask the upstream.

  • I don't know exactly what you refer to when you're saying upstream and downstream here but since you are mentioning Chrome in the same sentence I get the feeling you think Discover is related to something google does. There is no connection whatsoever. Discover is a news aggregation service developed in-house at Opera and does not use any google services.

    Do you have any real example of changing the delegated render flag forcing you to reinstall Opera? That would be the first time I've ever heard about it.

  • Opera must be reinstalled when Übercompositor is disabled because opera:flag is a blank page and I can't revert back. Good news: Discovery still works. 🙂 I didn't try whited thing with Chrome 40 on purpose (just changing several flags, other than above mentioned) but when occur in Chrome browser then Discovery page is empty and guess what, Opera browser works at it should.

  • Hi I recently updated to 29.0.1809.92697 on Android run smart phone. I do not find 'resume' function in case download fails as opera has since stopped giving the message 'failed' in case of download failure.

  • After the latest update the problem is still here. When I try to open a web site just nothing happens. That is happening for 4th time (after the last 4 updates)! To fix the problem each time after update I have to clear app's data or reinstall, but this is annoying.

    I use Sony Xperia Z2. My mother have the same problem with Nexus 4.