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  • So why do I still use it? My speed dial has been built up. Of course, the geniuses at opera didn't make it so you could easily save bookmarks that can be opened in another browser.

    If you want specifics, we'll be here all week. It's not loading pages or it loads pure white pages that are as bright as 97 Nagasaki A bombs going off at once. The options are all gone, or, they're so damn complicated to find and change that the casual user would never be able to even get half way through it, I'm sure. I consider myself somewhat an advanced user and for the life of me, I can't figure out how to make this god awful piece of crap work properly. Opera 28 was GREAT, I had no problems with that. Maybe some did, but I didn't on my Win7 Pro machine. I wouldn't be so absolutely homicidally LIVID if the browser hadn't updated on it's own, without my knowledge like a sneaky f'ing snake.

    Why so serious? Right? Just change browsers!

    They're all going down this path. Anyone remember the good old days when all you needed was ONE browser? remember those days when there wee competent programmers? Wasn't that wonderful?

    I don't know if any of the morons who created this monstrosity ever even check this forum, or if this is for users only...I just had to express my undying hatred for this browser. This version of this browser is the worst I've ever had the displeasure of having crammed down my throat, which is exactly what you do when you FORCE auto-updates.

    But that speed dial. I have so much saved there and that's the only reason I can't completely abandon it. So now, I await the next forced update, like prison rape, to completely ruin that too.

    Anyone involved in this update that's reading this...redacted. I don't think it's legal to say that. But can you do me one favor, just one since you OWE ME one after this nauseating BS...make all speed dial links and folders easily exportable. Don't give me your nonsensical computer jargon that makes it super complicated to do, make it a two or 3 click operation so I can be done with this absolute monstrosity. I want to go back to 28, but still have the option to access my Op29 speed dial. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? Do you speak my language? Can you speak? Can you at least sit up and beg?

    And if tis post pissed you off and now you won't help me...I don't care. I'm so friggin' tired of the people who make browsers RUINING he internet. You're ruining it. RUINING IT.

    I'll be back to see if you can at least make up for this blunder by getting me an easy way to export my speed dial in one way or another, and with all the hate and more because damn, you guys took the best browser and immediately turned it to being the worst. It's not loading pages, it's insecure and gets hijacked all the time. The add ons that are supposed to stop that either don't or they do stop it when you don't want it to. If it's a pop up you don't want, it'll pop up. If it's one you want it reads "ad block detected! Please change blah blah blah we're a bunch of fat dumbasses blah blah..."

  • So why do I still use it? My speed dial has been built up. Of course, the geniuses at opera didn't make it so you could easily save bookmarks that can be opened in another browser.

    On Windows: \users(yourname)\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable, here you'll find a file "Bookmarks" without an extension but its basically a text file which contains all your bookmarks. Including those in speeddial. Can be opened in a text editor (notepad) and relatively easily converted.

    As to the rest of your comment... I doubt anyone will take the time to go through all that.

  • It's obvious from this and previous posts/topics that you have an issue in your PC with a virus, malware, or drivers, or security or speed up software that might be conflicting with Opera.

    I use Opera 29 in several computers without any problems. Other millions of users also use Opera without problems, otherwise the forums would be drowned with topics by now.

    Please look for something like that in your PC. Try AdwCleaner, update the graphics driver, disable/uninstall suspicious programs or antivirus to test whether the issues are solved.

    Please stop spamming the forums with more and more topics about the same subject. I don't have much more time to help so I'll leave a tip: you can find some info by using a search engine, like, Google " your_question" without brackets.

    Opera does not offer bookmarks / Speed Dial export but other browsers might be able to import directly... Like Vivaldi... And MAYBE the Bookmarks file in your Profile is exchangeable with a Chrome or Chromium-based browser Profile. You can try experiment with that, if the Speed Dial isn't moved it might be a good idea to use the Bookmarks manager to move all your SD items to another folder before copying the file.