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  • Social Fixer for Opera does not work. Has anyone found a way to get it installed?

    This is the 'Extension wishlist', it's not a place to report problems, but a place to request new extensions that do not yet exist or maybe of use to other users.

  • A password manager where you don't have to put your passwords in the cloud, or on a third party website -- something close to what Opera gave us in the past with the wand. I don't want to put something in the cloud or on a third plarty website because of experiences where personal information has been stolen that way. It feels to me safer just kept on my own computer.

    oh, amen to the Wand!

    there's no way I'd trust my personal info on a cloud.
    using the Wand feature meant I all I had to do was copy that one file from any copy of Opera I had (windows, linux, portable) and I was good to go

    I want to be in control

    not at the mercy of others

  • I'm sticking with Opera 12.16 because I just can not find anything that is as convenient and useful as the built-in Notes.

    it's one of THE most useful features that Opera has (had) and I can't live without it.

    If I have tab-vault I can get around not having bookmarks, but not having Notes is a complete deal-breaker for me

  • I use the extension Browse ++ (with Opera 20) and it's reasonable for notes. I did prefer the old note feature in Opera 12.16, but this extension is sufficient for me for the time being. It also gives you a waste basket for closed tabs, though there, I prefer Sexy Undo Closed Tab in the Chrome store, which is quite good. I would like a notes function (as an extension) at least as strong as the one that was in Opera 12.16, where when you take a note to a website, the link to that website, automatically goes in the note. Then if you open the note, and click on the link-address, it automatically opened up the website page (relating to which the note was taken) in the browser.. Also, I'd like the notes function to not require registration with some place on the internet. The notes should be strictly on one's computer. With Browse ++ I can take a note, but have to manually copy and paste the address. And then to go there, I have to copy the address from the notes, and paste it into the address bar. So using it is not bad, but it's a bit more work.

  • A fully featured Tabs Extension with all the features that Tabs Mix Plus for firefox has, All of the Tabs Extensions i've seen for Chrome and opera are severly lacking

  • @colderwinters

    For undoing a closed tab, "Sexy Undo Closed Tab" (it's a Chrome extension) is, I think, pretty, good. And you can get it to use Control Z as a shortcut, instead of Control Shift T. "TooManyTabs for Chrome" seems to be the one most people talk about. It seems very complex. Just mentioning it in case you haven't tried it.

    I agree that something like Tabs Mix Plus would be great.

  • I can't find anything in the extension API currently for moving tabs to the bottom of the screen like I'm able to do in Opera 12.

  • I would like an extension for Opera 15+ that simulates the View Bar from Opera 12 (with a search in page field on the left and options to zoom the page being viewed in or out 50%, 100% 150%, etc on the right), that can be set to appear on the bottom of the browser window instead of the top.

  • In dial-up days, I relied on Opera's ability to toggle images on/off. High-speed has removed that need, but off-site or remote ads (mostly images/multimedia) are equally, if not more annoying.

    I was pleased to find that Opera kept the "Toggle Image" feature, but kind of surprised that nobody (opera/mozilla/micro$haft) seems to have a feature to "block any content not originating from THIS PARTICULAR website." What an easy way to fight band-width wasting, time-wasting, intelligence-lowering nonsense!

    Have I missed an obvious extension/plugin?

    Anybody know of one? Anybody interested in writing one, or giving me some pointers where to start writing it?

  • Urlfilter.ini?
    Tabbing with right mouse + wheel, and doing it via 12.17s tab list, minus thumbnails?

    vladimirzhirinovski: Because a web page might embed images. 4chan does this, and several tons of webpages. I agree it would be a very nice feature.