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  • Hi. I have been using Opera Link on my laptop. And recently I decided to use my Opera Link's account on another computer at work. But when I enabled Opera Link on my working computer - bookmarks disappeared from both computers! Why did it happen? And what should I do? File bookmarks.adr.pre_sync did not help.

  • Hi! Which versions of the desktop browser do you use?

  • Version 12.16. Bookmarks disappeared from my laptop's Opera and didn't appeared on another computer.

  • @villain1987: can you try to log in on, and see if the bookmarks are missing there too?
    And do you remember on which date you started having the problems (or tried to enable Link on your working computer)?

  • They are missed there too. Yesterday, March 3, I enabled Link on my working computer, today I found out that my bookmarks disappeared from my laptop's Opera.

  • Thanks for the feedback! And is it version 12.16 you use on both computers?

    Could you please file a bug report (, so that we can look further into it? If you add your email in the bug report, we can get in touch with you if we need more info.

  • Yes, I use latest version 12.16 on both computers. I have sent a bug report.

  • Thanks! 🙂

  • I'm using 12.16 and bookmarks is working fine on both of my computers sharing the same data.

  • This is a problem I've had for a long time with Opera. I have asked about it before on the old my.opera forums and also sent many bug reports about disappeared bookmarks (two more today) and others. To all forum posts and all bug reports there have been no replies. How can I get these restored? Thank-you.

  • A friend of mine had the same problem few days back and he had many important bookmarks which disappeared and we have no clue on it, if any one came up with solution please let me know.
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  • All the sudendly Opera crashed. Lost all my icons, lost my page background, I have no way to recuperate some sites I wanted to keep as icons (history) WTF! Lost all bookmarks, can anyone know why or what to do? Is there any of the engineers reading this comments/forums?

  • More bookmarks have disappeared. Question still remains unanswered. How to restore lost bookmarks???

  • WTF???? I have reinstalled Windows and then installed Opera. Logon to Link but there are NO BOOKMARKS!!! Not even one!!! WTF is going on??? Why the hell do I need this browser then? Why the hell there IS NO BUTTON EXPORT BOOKMARKS??? What shall I do now to restore my bookmarks?

  • I use Opera 20.

  • In general terms ... if you enable Sync on one computer and it doesn't work, you should backup your bookmarks on other computers before stating Opera on them. That way if something does happen to bookmarks on the other computer you'll be able to recover them. They don't have backups on the server, if you don't have a backup of your own they won't be able to restore them for you.

    Anne is the Link person for Opera, but if your bookmarks are already gone from the server there's little she can do.

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  • After using Opera as a primary browser for several years I have changed to Google Chrome as primary and Firefox as secondary. Both have bookmarks and sync, something the Opera developers have failed to do even after many requests from its users.
    I doubt I will be changing back to Opera in the near future.

  • uhav2laf careful with Firefox I've also lost all my data because their changes in Sync. The most reliable way to keep it safe it's to backup yourself. I've learn the lesson

  • Lost all my bookmarks. Use Opera Mini 4.2. How can I recover them and how did they disappear? tysm