adding contacts from other mail services

  • How can I add contacts from Thunderbird to Opera Mail?

  • In Thunderbird, export them as a csv file. Then, upload the csv file to and it'll convert it to adr format for you (add the adr extension to the generated file if you just get a php file). Then, you can just goto "Menu -> settings -> import and export -> import contacts" in Opera to import them.

    Note though that Opera doesn't support all the contact fields that Thunderbird does and neither does the conversion page. But, the conversion page will allow you to convert over the basic fields. Just lines things up (see the conversion page when you try to convert and you'll see).

    Once you have the adr file on your desktop, you can open it with a text editor and make sure it's correct. If you see anything wrong, you can fix it before you import the file.

  • Thanks for your advice. I will follow it.

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