Re: Not responding after 67 update

Like everyone else on here. Opera is unusable.

When the browser has opened, you do your first click, it then freezes and says "Opera is not responding", and then you have to forcibly close the program down.

This is the first time I have installed it in 6 months as windows 10 deleted it when there was a big update.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Opera 3 times now and it still locks up.

What I did notice was, it took a good half hour to lock the first time as I was trying to sync and forgotten my password and had to do a password reset. It allowed me to do that and then I noticed all my speed dials had gone from when I last used it 6 months ago on a previous version.

It sounds like a memory issue here.

What gives?
Come on Opera, get it sorted, you're losing a customer here and probably more.