Can You please post us here to see;, the security concerns you talked about
and how come world largest browsers fronts as Google and Mozilla have not addressed these great issues,

where is bug or security bulletin reports on to Their and your mailing list related to the issue, so we can see, online what has been the talks about it,
great security issue that has been ignored by mayor browsers, that Opera took care of, by removing the greatly useful feature
that makes many functions in browser impossible,so we have to revert back to other browsers (and large community of information researchers) unless there is specific add on for our needs You can provide.

Here is the one of the bookmarklet's that we are interested of:
https://www.chrisains.com/seo-tools/extract-urls-from-web-serps/ (there is few more, that eliminate duplicate's of the urls extracted, sort the results, and group results )

What other features related to this can we expect to be one away, specific important ad-dons perhaps that do not work anymore as result of past 2 years improvements of security ?

Thank You
Margus Meigo