@willioom I'm not sure an AI is the best tool for doing precise stuff like that. I really don't know what kind of calculations are needed, but I'm pretty sure Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets are better tools if you don't want to spend money into building an actual tool for your company to use. If you choose Google sheets, you could even use it on your phone. I think Office 365 might have that as well, but I have had problems with it on PC. Can only imagine on mobile

A quick Google found me plenty of online, free access calculators too (can't say if their licenses allow for commercial use though)

I would only use AI to help with problem solving (as in "something doesn't work, what can I do?"), insight into creative process, trying to remember the name of something you are able to describe (and other similar description based interactions), or creating an official chat bot for your company to offer a knowledge base to your clients and employees about important stuff (an interactive substitute to FAQs, basically)