I have just had a forced update to Opera 29 and the quick dial which I love and have relied on for so long is utterly ruined. It is just so ugly and looks like a cheap, flat, sub version. It used to have thumnails of the sites themselves and a good look. It is so ugly I may well go back to Firefox.
Why, why, why must Opera try to follow the crowds and look like Windows 8? It is ugly and utterly ruined. A terrible choice.

You can still have full site thumbnails, You can change the thumbnails via the heart menu like so: http://imgur.com/k9uZKgG,FhrRB3P,YX2mJoH#0
There seems to be some kind of bug with migrating from the old to new speed dial where for some people it reverts their thumbnails, on both machines that I updated from opera 28 > 29 all my dials retained their full site thumbnails

In this line of thought, I'd be nice to be able to change thumbnails directly from the Speed Dial.
It would also be nice to use the text thumbnail generation algorithms to make thumbnails with custom text and/or colours, although I see this very, very unlikely to happen.
A setting in the sense of "always use full site previews for thumbnails" or "always use text-based thumbnails" would come in handy.