I agree that Sync is not working. I have logged in to Opera on all my devices: iPhone, iMac, MacBook Air, and none of the Opera browsers match. The one on the iMac was the first browser I set up and the Speed Dial, tabs, passwords, and bookmarks are what I'd like to see in the Opera browser on my other devices. I don't get any of the Speed Dial entries, bookmarks, or tabs on the browsers on the other devices.

I have made the settings for Sync in each browser so that all data should be synced but how do I get it to sync? I have clicked the "Synchronize your data" button on the "You're now logged in" page but nothing happens except to take me to the "Advanced sync settings" page, which I've already set up. I've selected Sync everything and I've tried selecting the Customize sync selection in each devices' browser and nothing syncs. It seems the Do not sync data selection is permanently set.