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old VS new bookmark popup

  • to me, old style bookmark popup looks much cooler compared to new one
    it needs improvement like:

    • button to remove
    • button to view in bookmarks (with selected target bookmark and scroll to, as it is now, it only opens containing folder)
    • url under name (faint)
    • show bookmarks tree (instead of link to all bookmarks. To render (hidden) folder tree wouldn't be big resource hog in moment of opening popup, and users could choose where to place it, or move it if already bookmarked)

    so the result would be something like this (compared to link on top)

    ...or even better, to merge default folder with show tree. Clicking on default one should expand small panel with folders tree

    just my 2 liras...no, euros...uhmmm... DM?...dinars... ffs, what was it...

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