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Request: Ability to Edit Bookmark Name -- WHILE Saving It.

  • When pressing HEART to save a bookmark, let us change the text of the bookmark name.

    I know that I can go back to BOOKMARKS and change the name there. But that is another couple of steps.

    Typical Situation:

    I find a site I want to save for later (maybe a technical tip or some news article).
    I press BOOKMARK to save it.
    The title is something that does not describe what I find interesting about the site.

    Example: The site's title is "How to get the most from your computer" ... but the important thing to me is that it tells me how to use OPERA better. If I can change the title to "Tips for Using Opera", I'm better able to search for that site later.


    Opera 29.0.1795.47

  • I like this proposal, it makes sense.

  • Also like the suggestion but I also hope it gets expanded a bit. Right now you click the icon to add a site, but after that this is it. You can't (for example) remove it by clicking the icon again. I hope that'll find its way into here too.

  • Thanks for the support folks.

    Shelluser, you are right -- a way to REMOVE that bookmark you just saved would also be nice.

    Sometimes I click the HEART/Save button, only to realize it's the wrong page -- and I don't want to save it. But there is no way to reverse the action -- short of going to the bookmarks, finding it, deleting it there.

  • @jabadoodle

    It's possible in beta and dev for some time now....
    if you want to enable it in stable, you can with this flag

  • @vux777:

    It's disabled by default in Opera Beta.

  • @vux777:
    It's disabled by default in Opera Beta.

    yea, you are right
    in stable and beta users must enable flag to see improved bookmark pop-up