addons update logic

  • what is the logic behind auto-update extensions in Opera?
    -do they auto-updated even if in standalone (so called USB) installation?
    -is it connected to opera_autoupdate.exe process? (I didn't let out opera_autoupdate.exe through my firewall)

    I'm asking because I never get silent update of my extensions, only when I force update, then it works...
    And if extension is updated, but requires additional permissions, there is no some sort of signal Hey there is updated addon waiting for your confirmation (I didn't notice it).
    Only if user visits internal extension page and notice button on that particular extension.
    Wouldn't additional notification in bottom-right corner be better in those situations?

  • opera_autoupdate process is not related to an extension update. The extensions correctly update themselves also on a USB installation. If the permissions have been changed additional notification is displayed below the address bar.

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