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micro lag or pauses on lollipop version 29

  • @russnz75, Do you have some page which you can reproduce it on? Tried looking at an article on (mobile user-agent) which will load a new article when you reach the bottom of the page. I tried scrolling up and down for a while without any noticeable lag. I tried on a Nexus 5.

  • I updated to the current one on the market,
    I'm using desktop mode if thats the reason since google wants more sites to be mobile friendly, some are not optimized,

    Text wrap off

    Engadget worked fine,eventfinder,nzherald,XDA developers,gsm arena gave me a delay, some up to 5 secs if I leave it alone.I will update the list

    I will keep you posted.

  • Perhaps additional data can be retrieved monitoring ramz system memory usage. When compressed memory is at highest (optimized) level Opera Browser is kinda 'tight'.

  • Yea I think that's what it is

    Various posts about Lollipop ram management and people stating theres ram leaks which are not fixed.
    System not releasing ram after use,

    In cached apps there's up to 8-10 background opera processes, 400-500mb cached, no other issues apart from that.

  • Perhaps additional data can be retrieved monitoring ramz system memory usage. When compressed memory is at highest (optimized) level Opera Browser is kinda 'tight'.

    And why that didn't happen in Opera 28?

    Lollipop ram management and people stating theres ram leaks which are not fixed.

    I'm on KitKat.

  • @russnz75

    We enabled texture compression by default in 29. This feature will compress the tiles on the page so that we will in the end use less memory. The process of compression shouldn't be slow but it varies by device. What you could test is disabling this feature, you can do this by going to opera://flags and disabling "Tile compression" (from Default to Disabled).

    What kind of device are you using?

  • This thread may have prevented me from abandoning Opera. I installed the last beta of Opera 29 because of Opera turbo, and real synchronization (I thought). The beta looked very good. Then Opera 29 final appeared. I replaced the beta with the final, and everything got really slow. So slow that I've run an anti-spyware program to see if I'm infected and I installed task managers to see if something was eating up processor cycles. Nothing made any real difference.

    One of the features of v. 29 was supposed to be improved cache management. Even reloading pages from the cache was irritatingly slow.

    The tile compression feature looks to me (an ex-programmer) like a workaround to try to fix poor memory management at the expense of processor cycles. Maybe Opera should try to fix the underlying problem.

    My HTC Sensation 4G was a high-end phone 4 years ago. Processors are quicker now, apparently, but my phone is not slow even now. No other app is slow. I bought a high-end phone so I wouldn't have to replace it too soon. There's still no reason for me to replace this phone.

    But Opera had me wondering. Something was slowing my phone down.

    I just disabled tile compression. Things look much better but I don't use the phone much at night. I'll let you know in a couple of days whether this has fixed my problem. If it does, then I'll suggest the Opera not make the assumption that everybody has the latest and greatest hardware. Keep a few older phones around to see whether this kind of processor-intensive workaround will work without wasting several days of my time trouble-shooting.

  • Further to my May 20 comment, disabling Tile Compression made a huge difference. Pages load quicker and pages loaded from the cache are much quicker, even though I'm using turbo most of the time. But Opera 29 has other problems.

    On, occasionally the page doesn't load successfully when started from Speed Dial. The X shows the page is trying to load, but nothing happens. And when I click on a news story, one time out of 5 the story doesn't load successfully, and I see a blank page. I have to hit reload or sometimes have to return to the main page and click the story again. The same happens on

    I didn't notice these problems in the last beta for Opera 29, although I only used it for about a week. Were any internal settings other than Tile Compression changed in the final version of Opera 29? Turning off Tile Compression made a big improvement. I'd be glad to change any other setting that might be responsible for the above problems. And I will report the results if you can suggest anything I should try out.

    By the way, Opera 29 is using a lot of memory, as evidenced by the fact that the HTC Sense user interface gets crowded out of memory, and must reload itself when I close Opera. I'd rather live with this than the problems I mentioned above until Opera solves the memory problems.

    I'm also curious to know why I tell Opera to save the password for my ISP homepage time after time but the password isn't saved until the tenth try or so.

  • You can also try Opera Max VPN, (got a be a full box kit) Webrtc flag must be disabled in this case and the reason is not so obvious but you can trust me on that.

  • You can also try Opera Max VPN, (got a be a full box kit) Webrtc flag must be disabled in this case and the reason is not so obvious but you can trust me on that.

    Try to stick to the topic. Opera Max has nothing to do with rendering performance in Opera for Android.

  • emoller

    Thanks for your many useful posts.

    Is there a site where I can download the last beta for Opera 29 for android? I would like to try it again to see if it solves my remaining problems with the final version. Thank you.

  • @dd323 you're talking about non GP download I take it? This link should always give you the latest beta

    Alas when I just tried it... it seemed it had not been updated. There's a 30 Beta out but this link was still pointing to the 29 beta. I'll look into it tomorrow and will post here again.

  • hi, emoller

    You mentioned that the link you provided had not been updated to the beta for version 30. Thinking that the Google Play Store link might not have been updated either, I installed Opera beta from Google Play. It appears to install Opera 29 final. Both the final version and the version called beta are version 29.0.1809.92117. Tile Compression is set to Default in the beta version. The logo is white and labelled Opera Beta, but it appears to be the final version.

    Anyway, it appears my request to you was mistaken. I reread the post from operamilleson above. I now realize what perhaps should have been obvious. The betas of version 29 would all have had Tile Compression implemented. So there's no point in my trying to revert to a beta version of Opera 29 to escape any settings that might account for the remaining problems I'm having. Please forget my request for a download location. Sorry to have wasted your time.

  • Hi, emoller

    This is for Opera's information.

    Further to my last post, and for no reason I know, the last beta for Opera 29 works very well, without any of the problems that the final version of Opera 29 has. This is true even with Tile Compression set to Default, therefore enabled. Pages load quickly, including from the cache, no delays at all.

    This could be simply an installation problem, even though I uninstalled and reinstalled the final version a couple of times. But I'm going to retain the beta version and uninstall the final version. Even though they both have exactly the same build no.

    Hopefully Opera can figure this out before they issue the next final version.

  • Sorry for the delay, i have nexus 5, i believe my issue was related to the kernel or gpu drives, the update helped,i read others may have this issue with google chrome

    Google released android m devopers preview so i tested that and it works well.
    So i reflashed my phone back with 5.1.1 and all is working well.

  • I still have those freezings in Opera 30.