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My bookmarks are using almost 300 MB of RAM

  • Hello,

    This is with version 29.0.1795.47.

    I'm looking at Opera Task Manager and it tells me that "Extension: Bookmarks" is currently using 298,796 KB of RAM! (why it is listed as an extension I don't know, I only use 2 extensions and none of them are bookmarks-related)

    I have about 1900 bookmarks, it's much but it shouldn't use nearly 300 MB of RAM... Less than 10 of these bookmarks have a thumbnail picture, in case it matters for RAM usage.

    Any idea?

  • using 298,796 KB of RAM!

    I guess you mean MB?

  • No, the "," is a thousands separator, not a decimal point. That's how Opera shows the numbers in the task manager.
    It's really 298796 KB (nearly 292 MB).

  • Excuse me, I'm just too used with comma as decimal point.

    I also have an "Extension: Bookmarks" item, but it uses only 16 MB. Though, if I compare that to my Opera developer browser where I have almost no bookmarks, it only uses 13 MB. The browser that uses 16 MB has about 40 bookmarks, and as you have 1900, it perhaps is that that causes the high amount of RAM usage on your computer.

  • Yes I have many bookmarks but I don't think it should use so much memory. When I start the browser the bookmarks use less than 20 MB, but the memory usage quickly grows as I start using the bookmarks.

    Anyway thanks for your answer.

  • Yeah, I agree. Perhaps something developers should look into. It would be great if someone else with many bookmarks can confirm this, so we know if it's a general problem, or just on your computer.

  • probably related to caching of thumbnail images in the bookmarks manager, that ram usage looks normal to me for that amount of bookmarks. I have somewhere around 100-150 bookmarks, when I launch opera bookmarks uses <10mb of ram, when I open the BKM it uses 150-200 until browser is restarted.

  • I've just made an experiment on a brand new installation of Opera without any bookmarks.

    At first it uses very little RAM, then I open the bookmarks tab (Ctrl + Shift + Tab) and just click many times on the different folders, one by one.

    Guess what? The "Extension: Bookmarks" memory usage quickly goes up to about 160 MB...

    There's obviously something wrong, some memory leak or stuff like that, hopefully the devs will fix that.

  • as @threatdown wrote...

    it's about thumbnails in bookmark manager
    unless you don't open it, it will use small amount of memory..
    but after first time you open it, it will load bookmarks and thumbnails (probably not all) and as you opening folders etc. mem consumption will rise..

    bookmark manager in Opera is internal extension, developed by Opera devs on top of chromium bookmarks

  • That's interesting, I didn't know about that "internal extension" stuff.

    That said, the experiment I talked about in my previous message was made on a new installation without any bookmarks/thumbnails.

    Anyway I guess I can live with that problem, it's not like my computer is short on memory (8 GB) 🙂

  • I have the same issue, Extension: Bookmarks consumes too much of RAM.

  • same here: 170 megs on my desktop, and 60 megs on my laptop [bookmarks synced together]