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Enable mouse wheel for tab searching (ie tab preview switch)

  • Suggestion sum-up

    Enable the mouse wheel to switch between tabs when tab preview is active (in the tab menu and on tab hovering)


    When you have a lot of open tabs, finding the one you want and you opened 10 min ago can be difficult.

    To solve this problem, one of the existing solutions in Opera is the tab preview:

    • either in the new tab menu from latest Opera discover
    • either on tab hovering if option is enabled

    Nevertheless, in both cases, when you look for a specific tab, you look to the preview, not to your mouse. So when you move the mouse cursor it may be quite annoying (loosing the focus because you leave the tab menu unintentionally, or because you're not in front of the tab bar anymore).


    • Enable the mouse wheel to switch the preview from a tab to an other, without moving the mouse. This may work in both cases (tab menu and tab hovering)
    • If you click on left button, the active preview becomes the active tab. Instead, if you just move the mouse, preview is cancelled and the active tab is not changed.
  • +1

    (I must say this was a very nice and structured suggestion)