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Opera Mini 8 beta 2 for Windows Phone

  • please opera team add support background downloading and after 10-20 MB its show error need wifi.
    uc browser have this features. but i don't like uc browser. i always use opera mini. but everytime i mark those problem when start download

    1. New beta is very slow in displaying pages.
    2. Not able to save or hearing to streaming mp3.
      When I click on this link I receive the message : ' do you want to open or save xxx.mp3 ? xxx.mp3 will be saved to Music. When I tap save or open . I receive answer: xxx.mp3 download failure. Nothing is saved.

    When I use IE it's much faster in showing pages and it starts playing the sound file automatically.

  • Dear sir
    would say new beta version is bettter then 2nd beta but now we would be grateful that book mark sycronisation is released and we are able to use our book marks and also full view mode is still not available so pl update us how to enable that

    1. we need book mark sycronisation so we are able to give bettter bugs update

    2. we would like to also know when we will get book mark sycronisation and other feature in beta coming version??

  • open or save image both option download the image.. actually mini used to open that image in the same tab as we browse.

    font size need to be increased for medium and lage options..

    Tamil font doesn't display properly it shows only half of the words..

  • Very pleased with OM performance on Lumia 530. Good job 🙂

    Only thing Im missing (or can't find) is a way to completely turn off images.

    Please add this, I use OM to save data bandwidth when not on wifi and really need option to turn off images completely.

  • My feedback:

    I wished Opera used one unified UI over all systems but it would clash with the OS design language, so that's a no go.
    The new Bottom row of icons is too big, it's good for usability but it gets in the way of browsing space.
    Missing features: It's still in beta so keeping my fingers crossed.
    Please add night reading mode, like the one in Opera mini beta on android or like uc browser.
    Also the address bar - would be nice if the disappear when you scroll down and appear again when scrolling up like in chrome in android.
    Tab switch view: Can you give us options like the one on android?
    Stability: <thumbs up> really stable, I remember the first versions that crashed on start up but this one is usable now.

  • The new beta 2 is simply not adequate when visiting pages with a lot of text, like an e-mail, or made of more than one column. The fonts get so tiny that they are unreadable with phones equipped with screens not as big as a tablet one.
    In such cases the landscape mode was very useful.
    Removing it is the baddest idea you could have.
    So, despite your wish, I am having very bad days since I installed beta2, that is presented like a usual upgrade when it is a completely different app, so much worse than beta 1. The latter had its problems but at least it was usable and made Windows Phones usable for the most important function that makes a phone smart: internet navigation.
    I am trying to recover Opera Mini Beta 1 but it seems impossible.
    So, my Lumia 630 is now unusable for internet.

    Please let users be able to make their choice between Beta 1 and Beta 2, otherwise you could loose the most part of the ones who are WP owners.

  • Opera Mini V8.0.2.15 on HTC 8X Windows Phone 8.1

    On WiFi, pages either take a very long time (60 seconds plus) to render, or throw a timeout error. Using carrier data, this does not happen, they load about as fast as I would expect.

    Please make this browser work, mobile IE is a pile of cack.

  • Just wondering, is it possible to have a full browser like Opera browser for Android on Windows Phone?

  • what is the problem with Microsoft. com site? why doesn't it open in opera mini? every time i try to open any webpage it says client side offered to save a picture! please update opera for windows phone asap it has several other bugs.

  • I can't find an option to sync my bookmarks thru Opera Link, Please help..

  • Enable sync please !!

  • displays too much small size text even settings is large... So kindly update WP version also in terms of font display...

  • Dear sire
    pl update windows version of opera mini with book mark and other feature to taste when we should expect the new version now as without book mark feature we cant use opera mini

  • Operamini download kore operamini nai.tahole kothai me

  • hello

    I have serious problem.
    I had opera mini beta installed on my Lumia 625. the program tried to update itself for like three months and failed every time, i stopped using it. but today I assumed that if I uninstall it and then install again, the new version would be installed..

    but damn I was wrong. Now it shows "Opera Mini - beta" entry in app list but without icon and with "attention required" under it. When I tap it - nothing happens, just returns to app list AND I can't access any of apps on my phone nor photos or nothing else, and some app icons disapeared from home screen, my phone is broken. What could I do, except of resetting phone (I don't want to lose my photos and stuff...)

  • Try to connect it to a desktop PC, copy your files and then reset your phone.

  • sadly after that my desktop seems to not have acces to contents of the phone and sd card as well

  • My Opera mini on Lumia 535. It cant download vidwo, images every file actually.

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