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Opera 19: my solution for import Bookmarks from other browsers

  • @Piter432: Hi, nice solution also 😉

  • I can't find the way to import my bookmarks from Chrome to Opera 20.

    1."import bookmarks" in main menu is not active
    2. Typing in adressbar: file:///C:/Bookmarks.html does not work
    3."Transmute" application for Windows is not solution. ( No "Tidy Bookmarks" extension for Opera20) and ( I dont know the path to the "bookmarks.adr" file)

    Can anybody help?

  • Hi Kalatuta,

    "import bookmarks" in main menu is not active I dont know the path to the "bookmarks.adr" file
    If you trying to import your bookmarks from the Chrome, then you don't need to know the path to the "bookmarks.adr" - this file includes bookmarks for old Opera "< = 12x". The "Bookmarks Importer", has ability to import bookmarks only from the old Opera, so far.

    Importing the bookmarks from Chrome is much easier, than from other browsers:

    1. Close the Opera, and Chrome, and copy: "Bookmarks", and "Favicons*" files, from the Chrome profile folder to the Opera profile directory

    (you can find the path to the Opera profile in: O-Menu->About Opera->Paths->Profile),

    1. Reopen the Opera, and all bookmarks from Chrome, should appear on the "Bookmarks bar".

    BTW: the "Tidy Bookmarks" extension, works well here in latest Opera stable 20, and it's worked quite good also in Opera 19.

  • what is the extension of the bookmarks?
    My computer just crashed, I somehow could get my data back, but without registry.
    Now I'm looking to get my bookmarks out of this messy pile of data, but I don't know how to identify them.
    Help, someone?

  • what is the extension of the bookmarks?
    Hi Jossb4, what do you mean by "extension...", you want to know the path to the file, which includes the bookmarks in new Opera?

  • Hi l33t4opera,

    Tell me how to find "Bookmarks", and "Favicons*" files, from the Chrome profile folder, please. I cant find Chrome profile folder at all (opposite to Opera profile folder, what was no problem). All I could to is to export ChromeBookmarks into Chrome HTML Document (what Chrome facilitates for users) and past it on my desktop.

    Should I delete existing Opera "Bookmarks" and "Favicons*" before pasting same files from Chrome?

  • Hi Kalatuta:

    1. Enter the keyboard shortcut: "Windows key+E" to open Windows Explorer,
    2. In the Windows Explorer enter the following in the address bar:
    • Windows XP: %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default
    • Windows Vista/7/8: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

    Should I delete existing Opera "Bookmarks" and "Favicons*" before pasting same files from Chrome?
    No, just overwrite existing files.

  • Hi l33t4opera,

    my WinExpl couldn't find that file.

  • Hi Kalatuta, what is your Windows version, and what are the local language settings (locale settings)?

  • Thanks so much for posting this l33t4opera. I was having the hardest time setting up my bookmarks in Opera. It got to the point I was dragging and dropping each individual bookmark manually. It never even occurred to me that I could import my bookmarks and favicons simply by copying them from Chrome. Now with the whole bookmark thing ironed out Opera is my new go-to browser. Much gratitude to you my friend.

  • @Purple222: You're welcome, I'm glad, that you made it 😉 It's always a pleasure to help nice people.

  • Hi l33t4opera,

    I am not sure what you mean by local language settings? Polish language I use? My system is WinXP Proffesional version 2002, SP3

  • Hi Kalatuta, yes, that is what I meant, thanks. In that case, You can find the path on this page - click the "+" button, and in the section 3, you will see the path to the Chrome user profile in Windows XP in Polish language, as below:

    %USERPROFILE%\Ustawienia lokalne\Dane aplikacji\Google\Chrome\User
  • The forum is still in development, and editing comments here is still broken...

    @Kalatuta: the path to the Chrome's profile in your case should be as below:

    %USERPROFILE%\Ustawienia lokalne\Dane aplikacji\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default
  • i am new to use opera but could not import my bookmarks ... still i have to do a lot of work while entire discussion i read .... 😞

  • Hi l33t4opera

    Ok, it works. Thank you very much!

  • Hi Kalatuta, You're welcome, I'm glad that it works for you 😉

  • who needs 1000 or more bookmarks? there it is maybe faster search via history.
    if you have a better solution to import bookmarks in Opera 15+, please let me know....

    I do.

  • In your old Opera 12.16 save your old bookmarks as an HTML file on your hard drive. Settings>Import export>export bookmarks as HTML

    Save them with a name such as MYBOOKMARKS

    Now open them in old opera PAGE>OPEN>MYBOOKMARKS

    Now when all the Bookmarks appear in the link above that displays the link mouse over the link and RIGHT CLICK MOUSE and hit COPY

    CLOSE your old Opera 12.16 Browser.

    OPEN your new Opera 20.00 Browser. Clear the existing link and Right Click Paste and Go!
    Insert the MYBOOKMARKS into your new Opera 20.00 Browser and save.
    NOW all your old bookmarks are available in your in Opera 20.00

  • For anyone else who is trying to figure out a way to mass import bookmarks from older versions of Opera, I found the Bookmarks Manager ( extension to be extremely helpful. The extension has the ability to load a file with all of your saved bookmarks from other browsers, including older versions of Opera, and then mass import them.

    This was extremely handy for someone like myself who has a ton of bookmarks 🙂