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Opera 19: my solution for import Bookmarks from other browsers

  • we knew, the new Opera 15+ is a really clean browser...

    here is my solution to use Bookmarks from other browsers:

    • Export Bookmarks as html-file, save i.e. on C: (or your spec. folder)

    • start Opera

    • type in adressbar: file:///C:/Bookmarks.html

    • Enter

    • Opera open it

    • save in Stash, Speed-Dail or Personal-Bookmarkbar (Quick-Acces-Bar)


  • OK for a few hundred bookmarks, but not really viable for a thousand or more.

  • who needs 1000 or more bookmarks? there it is maybe faster search via history.

    if you have a better solution to import bookmarks in Opera 15+, please let me know....

  • You would be surprised at how many some users keep β€” my 1200 or so is more than average but a long way short of many users.

    Import bookmarks to Opera 12.16, and then install Opera 19.

  • Better solution:

    1. Export old browser bookmarks (FF, O12) to HTML.
    2. Import them into a Chrome instance.
    3. Copy and replace the bookmarks file from your Chrome profile to the Opera profile.
    4. Get a bookmarks menu/manager like Neat Bookmarks (Chrome extensions).
    5. WIN!
  • If for some reason, the "Bookmark Importer" doesn't work for you, then you can use the "Transmute" application for Windows, to import your bookmarks from Opera 12x, to Opera 19/20/21, and the "Tidy Bookmarks" Opera's extension, to move them to the "Bookmarks Bar" in a few steps:

    1. Download "Transmute portable", unpack the downloaded zip archive to your desktop, and go to the extracted directory, and run "Transmute.exe",

    2. Select "Opera" as the source, and the path to the "bookmarks.adr" file, then select "Chrome" as the target, and the path to the "Bookmarks" file, and then click "Start" button, and click on "ok" button within the "Warning" pop-up window. After that click "ok" button within the "Transmute-Preview" popup window, and close the "Transmute".


    1. Run new Opera, and install the "Tidy Bookmarks" extension, then click the "Tidy Bookmarks" button on the toolbar, and then click on the "Other bookmarks" within the pop-up window. After that you can drag all folders, and bookmarks from the list on the left, and drop them one by one on the "Bookmarks Bar", as it's shown in the screenshot of the screen below:

    Tidy Bookmarks

    All moved items, should appear immediately on the "Bookmarks Bar".

    Alternatively to the step 3 above, you can edit the "Bookmarks" file, in that way, that just after the launch of the new Opera, all bookmarks should appear on the "Bookmarks Bar" - just follow the below steps:

    1. Go to the Opera profile directory, and open the "Bookmarks" file in your favorite text editor,

    2. Go to row 3, and replace "bookmark_bar" with "other", scroll down to row 7, and replace "Bookmarks bar" with "Other bookmarks", and then scroll down to line 10, and replace "other" with "bookmark_bar" , then scroll to the bottom to the 6 line from the end of file, replace the "Other bookmarks" with "bookmarks bar",

    3. Save the changes, close the file, and reopen the Opera.

  • For some unexplanable reason my Bookmark Importer is working in Opera 19 but i cannot get it to work on other machines with the same version number. It is no longer grayed out.

  • If for some reason, the native "Bookmark Importer" doesn't work for you,<

    the native Importer "imported" only bookmarks from the (Opera 12.16) bookmarks-toolbar und only 5 (!) bookmarks from the recently-folder.


    today i created some new folders in the speed-dial. also "bookmarked" some amazon-links in a "amzaon-folder"; later a new start with cleared all cookies and go to the amazon-site gives excactly suggestions, similar what are in the speed-dial folder...

    could it be possible, that speed-dial send informations to the integrated search-engines amazon, google, yahoo, bing?

  • And supposedly this ChrOpera would be ideal and easy to use for the masses but for something as simple and basic as import bookmarks is so complicated, I wonder what is the target public of this poorly made ​​Chrome clone???

  • @l33t4opera, I do it mostly the same way. I mean that I converted the Opera bookmarks (bookmarks.adr) to Chromium bookmarks. Than on Chromium I installed XMarks and uploaded bookmarks to My XMarks account. And than I installed XMarks to Chropera and in the options I clicked "Download bookamrks" and I have now bookmarks from the My XMarks account πŸ™‚

  • @Piter432: Hi, nice solution also πŸ˜‰

  • I can't find the way to import my bookmarks from Chrome to Opera 20.

    1."import bookmarks" in main menu is not active
    2. Typing in adressbar: file:///C:/Bookmarks.html does not work
    3."Transmute" application for Windows is not solution. ( No "Tidy Bookmarks" extension for Opera20) and ( I dont know the path to the "bookmarks.adr" file)

    Can anybody help?

  • Hi Kalatuta,

    "import bookmarks" in main menu is not active I dont know the path to the "bookmarks.adr" file
    If you trying to import your bookmarks from the Chrome, then you don't need to know the path to the "bookmarks.adr" - this file includes bookmarks for old Opera "< = 12x". The "Bookmarks Importer", has ability to import bookmarks only from the old Opera, so far.

    Importing the bookmarks from Chrome is much easier, than from other browsers:

    1. Close the Opera, and Chrome, and copy: "Bookmarks", and "Favicons*" files, from the Chrome profile folder to the Opera profile directory

    (you can find the path to the Opera profile in: O-Menu->About Opera->Paths->Profile),

    1. Reopen the Opera, and all bookmarks from Chrome, should appear on the "Bookmarks bar".

    BTW: the "Tidy Bookmarks" extension, works well here in latest Opera stable 20, and it's worked quite good also in Opera 19.

  • what is the extension of the bookmarks?
    My computer just crashed, I somehow could get my data back, but without registry.
    Now I'm looking to get my bookmarks out of this messy pile of data, but I don't know how to identify them.
    Help, someone?

  • what is the extension of the bookmarks?
    Hi Jossb4, what do you mean by "extension...", you want to know the path to the file, which includes the bookmarks in new Opera?

  • Hi l33t4opera,

    Tell me how to find "Bookmarks", and "Favicons*" files, from the Chrome profile folder, please. I cant find Chrome profile folder at all (opposite to Opera profile folder, what was no problem). All I could to is to export ChromeBookmarks into Chrome HTML Document (what Chrome facilitates for users) and past it on my desktop.

    Should I delete existing Opera "Bookmarks" and "Favicons*" before pasting same files from Chrome?

  • Hi Kalatuta:

    1. Enter the keyboard shortcut: "Windows key+E" to open Windows Explorer,
    2. In the Windows Explorer enter the following in the address bar:
    • Windows XP: %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default
    • Windows Vista/7/8: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

    Should I delete existing Opera "Bookmarks" and "Favicons*" before pasting same files from Chrome?
    No, just overwrite existing files.

  • Hi l33t4opera,

    my WinExpl couldn't find that file.

  • Hi Kalatuta, what is your Windows version, and what are the local language settings (locale settings)?

  • Thanks so much for posting this l33t4opera. I was having the hardest time setting up my bookmarks in Opera. It got to the point I was dragging and dropping each individual bookmark manually. It never even occurred to me that I could import my bookmarks and favicons simply by copying them from Chrome. Now with the whole bookmark thing ironed out Opera is my new go-to browser. Much gratitude to you my friend.