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  • Hi all,

    Iā€™m happy to announce that we have passed the beta stage of Opera Mini for Android. If you have the beta installed, it should now be possible to upgrade it to the final version of Opera Mini 8 for Android.

    Opera Mini 8 is a separate installation from Opera Mini 7.6 and all your data should be migrated automatically when you install it. See the migration guide for more information on the migration process.

    Please give the new Opera Mini a spin and leave a comment with any feedback you have for us.

    You can get Opera Mini for Android here:


  • Am glad to download this new version... but after clearing cache and data.... my speed dials won't sync..... is it a bug or is there a special way to bring them back

  • At the moment only bookmarks are synchronized, but we will add more things in future versions. In the first Beta of Opera Mini 9 we introduce tab syncing:

  • Thanks... seems like I won't ditch OM 7.6..... The new beta isn't live yet in my play store... waiting patiently to check it out

  • At the moment only bookmarks are synchronized

    That's not entirely true but will work for now.

  • Why did you make it separate from opera mini? Though it's fantastic than earlier and all the contents like bookmarks, saved pages, and speed diles have been synced.Thanks!

  • Grt work opera mini team:)

  • Bravo... data savings works great! just need to add option image off/on.. feeds dont work because cant add Rss by url only some pages can add ( and that only few people know how )
    because opera mini don't have html player there must be option to play video via other players exmpl.. android player mx player vlc.. just like youtube opens youtube app.. instead to open other players Opera mini give me option to download the video 30mb 300mb 450mb and i dont want to download i want to play it.. then the browser will be almost complete.. dont work on new features just make this priority vorks good.. lets make opera mini compatible not just browser for reading

  • I really appreciate any improvements you can make to the rendering, it extends the useful life of my 7" tablet. What is a great disappointment is the removal of the bookmarks menu. A list is better than a grid or a tab. Also, while I appreciate the render improvements, I really don't need to know how awesome the savings are for every page all the time. I could use a bookmark list though. And an easy way to make a bookmark, since the methods you suggest don't work for my tablet. 7.x was nearly perfect according to me. 8.x is good but you crushed some features that made the previous version great.

  • After using/checking everything of this new opera mini 8, here are my opinions/suggestions about it.

    • There are now altogether 4 kinds of opera (mini) available for androd. So, it could be confusing for some users to decide what to use. Can't we terminate old opera mini 7.6?

    • My most favourite and useful layout is classic, everything is good there but cancellation button (Ɨ) which is in adress bar is little bit difficult for one-hand user. You should have added that button (Ɨ) in bottom of layout integrating/combining with forward button (>) as well. It will be more easier for quick cancellation in accidental clicks.

    • Green connection progress line under the adress bar is little bit thinner/slimmer and difficult to identify. It should have been a bit thicker.

    • In text box we can not copy all text like before.


  • With Opera Mini 8.0.1807.91281 I can no longer log in to my Opera Account. There's no error message but after entering my username and password, the login process never completes. This is on a Motorola MB855 running Android 2.3.4.

  • @yeswap, we are aware that there are some users who can not log in to their Opera account. We are working hard on getting this fixed.

    Edit: We believe we have fixed this issue now (on the server side). Please try to log in again and let me know if it works.

  • Does Opera Mini 8 have a feeds page, like previous iterations. Will the feed data be migrated?

    My phone, Galaxy s3 has 7.6.4. For some reason, I missed the 7.6.5 upgrade. Can I upgrade to 7.6.5 now, in order to achieve your claimed problem free data migration? How to preceed please?

  • Does Opera Mini 8 have a feeds page, like previous iterations. Will the feed data be migrated?
    My phone, Galaxy s3 has 7.6.4. For some reason, I missed the 7.6.5 upgrade. Can I upgrade to 7.6.5 now, in order to achieve your claimed problem free data migration? How to preceed please?

    Please ignore this post. I see these issues have already been discussed. Apologies.

  • at the time I got one problem:
    on a long textbox the screen did not adjusting to typing focus so the text eventually got under my virtual keyboard.
    then I have to back and scroll the page I'm in to the end of the textbox to continue typing. same problem to see the previous text.

    it highly inconvenient.
    it even happen as I type this very comment.

    I hope you got solution for it

  • Wow thank you for this. New UI and I love it šŸ™‚

    By the way, I was able to use previous versions of Opera Mini connected to wifi that tunnels all connection to a proxy. I used a 3rd party application to proxify all my connections from my android phone and everything (all applications) work flawlessly including the operamini 7 android version.

    Right now, It seems OM 8 can't connect to this kind of connection anymore, so I'm relying on my 3G connection to browse šŸ˜ž

    Can you give some workaround on this or explanations why this issue exists?

  • I have been using the new version (8) of Opera mini for Android for several days and must say it's not as easy to use as the pevious version Is there any way to keep any improvements 'under the hood' of the new version but provide the option to use the old user interface as it looks less bland, has less glaring white space (therefore using less battery power to display, being darker) and speed dial icons, refresh button etc. are bigger and easier to select on my Samsung Galaxy Ace and galaxy Ace 2 phones which do not have the huge screens of the more expensive models. Also Is there anyway to remove the bookmarks and saved pages icons from speed dial? Tried deleting them but seems you can only shuffle them around the screen. Over all, version 7 interface seems far more comfortable and efficient to use and looks more appealing (the move of developers to the glaring white space, flat blandness and cluttered web 2.0 page design look of the windows 8 and 10 models has not been an improvement in my opinion. Makes everything look like it is reverting to the early 1990's. The new BBC news website for desktop, for exampl,e looks like a disaster of a design as they attempt to provide a 'one size fits all' reactive design for all platforms). I have both Opera mini versions on my phone but will continue to use 7 until 8 improves look, usability and becomes more efficient in terms of number of clicks. I hope Opera 7 mini will stiil receive any security updates as they become available and it may be an idea to make it available on the Play store allowing people to revert to it who may have deleted it from their phone. Please also advise as to how I remove the 'Opera mini 8 is now available' reminder nag from version 7 permanently and not just 'remind me later'.

  • @tinman989 in case no one gonna help :

    why you can't remove saved pages and bookmars from speed dial is that it is the only way you could access them. feeds included.

    I agree with you with the white colour. as I've already mentioned in some of my previous posts, we really need a theme colour options. like in old opera 4 on our java phones.

    for the layout, they seems to try to maximize the viewing area and minimize the address/navigation bar. I guess they haven't check how it went on a small screen.

    and for the purpose to retain the old UI we got classic layout. It's the only thing there is to it.
    Or maybe they need to add theme option regarding the colour AND the layout?

  • This issue about dark or black shades saves battery is only for oled displays... Clearly yours is not oled... both the Aces..... if you understand well lollipop and most of material apps... are colourful and black isn't one of them....
    The user interface of opera mini 8 is great... just put full screen and the white background won't be visible anymore....

  • giving the theme options like dark, white or black red would be a welcome addition