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Good, but use Turbo & mini already..

  • Trialled it as an android app.
    Well it took 18Mb and opened 4 'services', with only a little data saved over 2 or 3 days, as I use Opera anyway.
    Can see this being useful to non-opera users.
    In which case app-to-sd would make it more friendly to low end phoneys.

  • In which case app-to-sd would make it more friendly to low end phoneys.
    It's dangerous to use app-to-sd with such apps, you can get brick or bootloop.

  • Tried it on my Galaxy S3, worked OK for about 14 days, ssving around a quarter of data using email and other apps, then phone became unresponsive regularly and wouldn't connect, to network and wi-fi also it got very hot and the battery ran out quickly. Rebooting will fix it for a day or so before the faults come back. After 10 or reboots I uninstalled Opera Max. The phone works OK now. Good app but needs much improvement. An off button would be useful so it can be turned off when using wi-fi for long periods or using phone in aeroplane mode.

  • it's working perfectly..

  • What's the point of opera max if you use opera for android with off-road mode enabled? The savings by off-road mode are much higher. Can I use both together? What's the developer's point of view on this?

  • Well, some people don't use or refuse to use Opera (for whatever reason). So the next best thing, if you wish to save on data charges, and your current browser does not support data compression, is to use Opera Max. You save on data charges and get to still use your current (favourite ?) browser. It's a win win situation. 🙂

  • I know, but that wasn't really the question. I'm not gonna use chrome/firefox/whatever so that I can use max.
    Let me put it this way: should I disable opera max when i use opera for android?

  • should I disable opera max when i use opera for android?

    In my opinion, yes (particularly if you happen have Turbo enabled in Opera), as seems pointless running two proxies that are essentially doing the same thing, and having your data pass through two proxy servers and being compressed twice.

    Not only will it probably slow things down for you (as your data's journey is made longer). But also the second data compression is pretty much redundant, as data will only compress so much until there is no gain at all (which makes it a wasted addition to the overall journey).

  • Thank you! Makes sense.

  • AFAIK max automatically detects operamini/turbo traffic and doesn't try to compress it. So no need to disable it for that.

  • So Opera Max knows if you are using Opera Mini or Off-Road, and therefore you won't be slowed down anymore?