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Please, release a new Opera 86x for Linux!

  • Hi,

    I would like to use Opera again, but I am noticing that your browser for 32 bit Linux machine is stuck a an old 12.6 version that is no longer supported with updates. Needless to say this is very disappointing and I feel left behind by your compagny. I have 3 computer with 2GB of RAM running Xubuntu 14.04 and they all work perfectly with Chrome or Firefox or even Vivaldi!, why not Opera? Linux 86x is far from dead. So I really don't understand why there is no 86x build for Opera 29.


  • I would also really like to have a 32-bit version for Linux.

  • How can we make them change their minds?

    It seems strange not to support 86x, since Linux is well-known to be OS of choice for people who want to recycle a computer, and simply give it a new breath of life.

    Besides, the competition, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Vivaldi Browser are all providing 86x builds for Linux. Why should Opera Software think it's not worth it?

  • x86 for Linux has no priority for the developers as i know. I dont think, they have really the time and willing to create some x86 versions.
    As i had read over the months (more than a year) about the beta and testing versions, they see less need to support old hardware. May be you get a x86 in a year or later as Opera Dev and Linux had alwyas problems in past (even with Opera 12) to get a running version.

    Throw away your old hardware or change the browser.

    Changeing browser is better, for nature, for african countries (where the old hardware is often and cheaply dumped) and you (be more happy to use your old netbok etc.). You can easyly reuse your old notebook or netbook with other browsers like Vivaldi, Chromium or Mozilla.

    I changed the browser on my x86 Debian Linux.

  • I am ditching Opera for Firefox. The suggestion that I should throw away hardware in perfect working condition because of a compagny that won't support Linux adequatly is really far-fetched. Besides it seems strange to say that 32 bit computing is dead when both Google and Microsoft are still producing brand new 86x laptop.

    It is Opera that is at odd with a non-neglectable part of the Linux community. They are the only one not supporting Linux 86x.

  • Actually if you have about 1GB of RAM the 64-bit Linux version should be preferred. It's faster. Only Windows is currently more memory hungry in 64 vs 32.

    If you have less than that it's worthless hardware that won't run any current browser properly anyway.

  • You can't just say that we should change browser. This is an Opera forum, we are here because we want to use Opera, that is kind of the point. If we cared so less so we just could change browser, why don't we all then use Internet explorer?

    On my 32-bit computer with 2 GB of RAM, I can't have 64-bit Linux.

  • On my 32-bit computer with 2 GB of RAM, I can't have 64-bit Linux.

    Why not?

    It actually should improve the performance of your machine:

  • Because not all processors support 64-bit computing. I have an Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 2.80 GHz, 512K Cache, 533 MHz FSB that is only compatible with 32-bit. It's not worthless at all with Linux and all the major brands of browser works well with my PC.

  • OK

  • Yeees! Thank you!

    Who said Opera developers never listen to their users?

  • Who said Opera developers never listen to their users?

    The users 😛