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  • Hello all.
    I have the same problem. Description:
    I have 2 devices - my home PC and work PC and all synchronization is turned on. I want to add some site to speed dial @ home PC and here is no problem. But I want to add the same site to the speed dial at my work PC - and here is problem: it shows in the interface that site is already bookmarked (in a speed dials on other devices / home PC). So if I change folder at work PC to the Speed dial it will gone from speed dial at home PC. Thats it.

    There is something wrong with this. Why I can't add the same link to more than one speed dial?
    I think we need simple checkbox in bookmark's properties to show it on a speed dial.

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  • I agree it would be nice to be able to selectively share speed dials among devices. There are cases that I want to keep a device with a separate speed dial, but give every device its own speed dial seems like an overkill.

  • While I understand that some people want unique speed dials depending on their device, I'd like to use the same one. This should be a optional setting on the Opera Sync website.

  • Yes, please!!! I wish we could vote for this feature ... and having synchronized speed dials does not necessarily disallow device specific speed dials - it should just be a matter of configuration / preference.

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  • Thanks Forums Opera

  • +1 Pretty please enable me to manage what syncs between my devices. I got a whole bunch of speed dials setup on my other device and don't have any on this current device. This is the key reason I want to use Opera, I love this Speed Dial but am saddened at the sync shortfalls.

  • I for one, love the speed dial and believe an option to sync across devices would add a much welcome level of convenience. Having said that any functional sync would be a welcome start on Opera Beta.

  • I've just discovered that I can't sync actual speed dials across computers. And when I access "Other Speed Dials" on my laptop (which I can't actually do unless I'm bookmarking something else, just so I can bring up the option to click "Other Speed dials" in the bookmarking dialogue that comes up) -- I can't add a URL that I use on my PC speed dial into my laptop speed dial without it disappearing from the speed dial back on my PC. I can't have the same bookmark in both speed dials.

    Which makes the laptop absolutely useless for work. I have to be chained to my desk, or I can't get my work done.

    I'm apparently going to have to turn syncing off and never, ever use it -- and create every bloody bookmark manually on my laptop. Hundreds.

    Or. This probably makes Opera useless to me as a browser. I have loved it for several years, since I first tried it, but this is probably a deal-breaker, since I'm going to need to be able to use both the PC and the laptop. I believe this is what will make me dump Opera, since the so-called "syncing" does not sync anything that's actually important.

    I am so disappointed.

  • This needs to be done. Sad! Bigly. Let's make Opera great again.

  • Still nothing in this case, wow...

  • One of the biggest letdowns for Opera, was really hoping after this long there would be a solution..

  • You just need to copy the SD bookmarks from Other Speed Dials to the SD of your other machine.

    BTW, a switch or a selector to select the behavior would be nice.


  • I completely agree on this šŸ†™

  • You just need to copy the SD bookmarks from Other Speed Dials to the SD of your other machine.

    Which is a manual copy that won't be synchronized further so it doesn't serve the purpose of this topic. (I know you get this, I'm just making it clear that this solution is not a solution at all for us.)

  • I'd also like to add that this also affects the case of someone reinstalling their Windows operating system. I haven't verified other devices after OS reinstalls or factory resets.

    I didn't think to back up my bookmarks as I was synchronized and noticed the new Windows install showed up as a new folder in my sync.

    Thinking I may be able to trick it only by name, I ended up with duplicate names in my folder entries.

    Pretty funky.


  • I too would like the option of syncing a single SD across multiple devices. However in another thread, gustavwiz suggested a more flexible option:

    "That's because many want to separate their home and work speed dials. At the same time, many also want to have the same speed dial at some places. For example work speed dial on work computer, and home speed dial on home laptop and home desktop. That's why we want Opera to let the user be able to choose."

    So a toggle/checkbox etc that lets a user switch between 'same SD on all devices' and 'unique SD on all devices' would not be sufficient for some.

    I would love to see gustavwiz's suggestion implemented.

  • The problem with synchronization is that it is all-or-nothing. It would be nice if one could choose what to synchronize and what not to. If it could be optionally done one way and not both ways that would be nice as well.

  • Sorry, the whole comment about sync is all of nothing is for me an excuse. This is simple, allow determination of what is synced in every profile settings OneDrive does it, GDrive does it, Google Chrome does it. Come on Opera.