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Get oriented with the new Opera Mini for Android (2.3 and higher)

  • Hello!

    If you've just upgraded to the new Opera Mini for Android, you may notice that the look of Opera Mini has changed significantly. To help smooth your transition to our new look and feel, here's some answers to frequently-asked questions about migrating to the new Opera Mini.

    How do I find the start page?

    Tap the Speed Dial button located on the menu bar to access the start page. If you have set Opera Mini’s layout to the phone option, the Speed Dial button can be found in the main menu.

    Where's the star menu? How do I save a page?

    The star menu has been replaced with the plus menu. Tap the plus button on the left side of the combined address and search bar to add pages to Speed Dial, add bookmarks, or to save pages for reading offline.

    What is Speed Dial? What are Speed Dial folders?

    Speed Dial is a place to collect your favorite sites. You can add sites to your start page and access them with a single tap. You can add however many Speed Dial entries you want. While browsing, tap the plus menu button and select Speed Dial to add a page to your start page. Long-press, drag and then drop entries to rearrange them on your Speed Dial. Drop an entry on the Edit button to rename it, or drop it on Delete to remove it. You can also group Speed Dial entries into folders, to help organize your favorite sites. Long-press an entry, then drag it on top of another to create a folder.

    Where are my saved pages?

    When you save a page to read offline, the page is added to a Speed Dial folder labeled Saved pages. Look for this blue tile: saved pages speed dial entry tile.

    Where are my bookmarks?

    Your bookmarks are in a new Speed Dial entry labeled Bookmarks. Look for this green tile.

    Can I sync my bookmarks between my Android device and my computer?

    Yes! You will need to sign up for an Opera account to be able to synchronize data between your Android phone, your Android tablet, and your computer. Please keep in mind that Opera synchronizes between other Opera browsers. So, if you have not installed Opera for all of your devices, visit to download our apps and start synchronizing your data.

    What happened to Opera Link?

    Opera Link can be accessed through our web interface. Unfortunately, Opera's new synchronization features do not use this service. We recommend that you start using Opera's new built-in synchronization features.

    How do I view my browsing history?

    Your browsing history can be accessed from the O menu. Look for the history menu icon button.

    How do I share pages?

    You can share pages using other apps on your phone by tapping the share button, located in the O menu.

    Where's the Data Usage page?

    Your data usage is now prominently displayed in the O menu. Tap the data-savings summary to view details about your data usage, how much you've saved using Opera Mini, or to reset the data-savings counter.

    Can I change the quality of images displayed in Opera Mini?

    Yes. Opera Mini lets you control the amount of compression added to the images you view. Tap the O menu to see your data-savings summary. Then, tap the summary to view details about Opera Mini's compression. Under Settings, tap Images to change the quality of images in Opera Mini. Lower-quality images use less data.

  • Ain't stared but feels like a sticky thread.

  • The application works correctly, I am satisfied.
    I like the built-in on line video player with an option to download the content.
    There is a need to improve the progress bar, because it is difficult to say that it works.
    It is, in one word, OK - it's worth using it.

    Ps: I would recommend a new name for this Opera, because the current name is misleading.

    ver. 28.0.1764

  • To the Opera Team.

    As I posted above, this type of browser ought to have new not misleading name - I'm sure this way more people will decide to use it - therefore I recommend eg. "Opera Mini-Mobile".

    Ps: Please add in the next version of "Opera M-M" RSS Feeds, it's necessary!

  • How do I import all of my saved Opera Link bookmarks into the new Opera Mini?

  • yes like much all the opera mini beta function and already my permanent
    browser,its less mb's so its fast to use.thanks to this apps I love it.

  • where's my old speed dial bookmarks?
    can't find them

  • nice app just like it ✌✌✌✌✌ it's so good to use

  • where is this option:-

       Social Networks
  • I miss the old style bookmarks. It is good this didn't uninstall the old version. Nice look by the way, but not enough for normal usage.

  • i really like everything about the new look but my bookmarks wont sync, i have signed in with my opera account but some of my bookmarks r still missing

  • good new 2.3

    Lets join to Opera Forum on Facebook 🙂

  • Why do you need permissions to my contacts in New Opera Mini ??

  • @ropman open frequently asked
    questions from the settings menu bro.

    Though I'm not entirely sure if they will only use it for that one specific site. I mean the Opera Mini Web Browser apps that request it, isn't it? with server side and everything...

    but I install it anyway.

  • the change are making me uncomfortable but I know very soon I will get used to it. nice work opera #keep it up

  • nice work opera

  • it's good
    it works..

  • Not a bad look, though it sucks that i cant access my previous bookmarks and saved pages may be you can add that on the next update.

  • I like the new changes and I encourage you to KEEP the turbo mode and not patch it out.
    I must be blunt however. There are 2 reasons why I use Opera and no other browser. One is that it can load in a static format very quickly (turbo mode), and the other was the integrated RSS feeds. Without the RSS feeds, Opera Mini loses all value to me