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Please make the speed dial coherent to use, or give plenty of customization options

  • These constant changes to the speed dial are never going to make everybody happy. If people like how the speed dial works, and you change it without leaving a method to revert, then you have just alienated a percentage of your user base.

    The design apex of a system is intuitiveness, which is why Android is so widely used. But one of the negatives with simple and intuitive systems is lack of customization. It exists to a bare minimum, even under the hood. I have no idea why, since users who want more control over their system should be able to have it, as long as it doesn't negatively affect those who dont. But time and time again, we see systems become "refined" as if this term can objectively exist for aesthetics, and customization becomes less and less.

    I'm looking now at a start page that has rectangular buttons and no icon, but rather a preview of the page it links to. I really enjoyed the clean and simple square buttons, with easy to see icons. Now I'm squinting and leaning forwards to my screen to try and guess which website it is I'm looking at. The system went from usable to bad in one update.

    The worst part is the user cannot solve this mess on their own by designing their own speeddial icons for Opera, at least not without a degree in computer science. And I'm fairly tech literate. I have built computers, adminned networks, modded games, manipulated images and edited audio files etc. But I had to give up making icons for Opera since it's just a little beyond me.

    Also on the same subject, please allow for icons to be used for website subdirectories. For example I use Youtube and Twitch, but I dislike their homepages and want to go directly to my subscriptions. However if I edit the URL to for example The icon changes to an ugly and vague page preview.

  • You should post this in the suggestion box.

  • I assume you were using the experimental speed dial flag before? That flag is in a bit of a flux right now because they are working towards integrating the speed dial into the bookmarks manager, Opera 29 dev allows you to choose from various different thumbnail choices (including a nice clean text based tile) via the heart menu, like you can currently do with the bookmarks manager: