Import bookmarks from Chrome

  • Is it still not possible to do so? I'm not seeing an obvious way to do it within opera://bookmarks

  • Hi @t0ken, there are many ways:

    1. The Opera's menu > More Tools, select "Import Bookmarks and Settings", select "Chrome" from the dropdown list, press "Import" button (if you want to import bookmarks only, untick the checkboxes on the left of the other options),

    2. Settings (Alt+P) > Default browser, click the "Import Bookmarks and Settings..." button, next steps, as in the above,

    3. Close both: the Chrome, and the Opera, copy the "Bookmarks", and "Favicons*" files from the Chrome profile to the Opera profile (you can find the path in the Opera's menu > About Opera > Paths > Profile).

    :cheers: 😉

  • Awesome, thanks so much. I knew I'd done it before, but I couldn't remember how, and I was finding much via searching. Thanks again!

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