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Import and export of Notes (from link)

  • Hi!

    I understand that the syncronisation is comming back gradually, and thus I expect that the link servers will be shut down some day. The problem is that I have not found a better note-application than the one inside Presto(Opera12)(motivation below for those who are interested), and I will no doubt want to continue using it after the servers go off-line and I cannot sync. And thus I wonder:

    1: Is there any chance, at all, that the notes will come back in the new sync? (I have looked for answers here but have not found any.)

    2: If not, then pleeeeeaase can you create a tool to import and export the notes, since it would then be possible to move the notes to a new computer in the future...

    Motivation: Why I think the note-application in Presto is perfect (btw: suggestions for stand-alone replacements are welcome)

    • It is simple, fast (I mean instant-fast), has really good overview (meaning that you can have a HUGE folder tree), can create multiple levels of folders, can easily reorganise folders and has a good (instant-fast search-as-you-type) search engine.

    • Today there are thousands of pieses of information that are good to keep track of (the colour code of my wall paint, recepies I like, movies/books/stuff I would like to buy, ideas about anything, any research made on the web, books I am writing, lists for what to pack when going skiing, etc.). A good note application can hold all that in one place for ever!! You can go back and find everything you have ever written down. The longer you use it, the more powerful it gets.

    • The trouble with other note applications I have tried are that they lack good overview and cannot create multiple folder levels, resulting in that it is hard to organise your work, and also that they are slow in comparison. These two in combination make it too tedious to use those applications for everything (instead you limit your use to some specific subjects), thus losing the much of the meaning.

    (Also, on a different subject, is it just me or does the forum search function deliver more answers when you search for more keywords? (i.e. OR combination of search entries, as opposed to AND). This makes it very time consuming/hard to find an exact topic or piese of information...)
    (Also: tried to use the Markdown suggested for list items, but in the preview it didnt show... thus the double line breaks)