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  • This post might seem a bit salty. I've been an Opera user for longer than I can remember. Now let's not talk around the problem, get straight to it.
    When Opera made it's huge change, which I believe was absolutely unnecessary, many features were crippled or completely removed. I waited and hoped this would get fixed quick. Most of it got fixed, but not nearly quick enough. I'm posting this in hopes that maybe somebody will see my point.

    Problem #1: The bookmarks
    When I was told bookmarks were removed from the browser, I assumed it was a joke. I was completely speechless when I found out that it wasn't. Bookmarks have been back for a time now, which is great, but some essential functionality is missing.

    Firstly, there isn't a simple import/export tool (you can import, I know). I am aware that there exists an extension which adds this functionality, but quite frankly, this functionality has been a standard part of every modern browser for a very, very long time. I don't see a reason why Opera shouldn't have it.
    Secondly, there aren't any proper tools to manage them. You can import bookmarks into the browser, but it's automatically moved into the "Imported" folder, with no real way of placing these folders as you please. What's worse, there's no quick way of moving your actual bookmarks. You can't select multiple bookmarks and move them all at once, you have to move them one by one. WHAT? The year is 2015!
    Personal note: Why does it take three keys to open bookmarks? Impractical!

    Problem #2: Spell check!
    Spell-check is a standard feature of every modern browser. I feel that Opera's spell check is lagging behind.
    My biggest issue with it is that it's slow and often doesn't work properly. To give you the context - I'm using two different languages and need to switch between them.
    Now sometimes I end up writing a chunk of text and notice that mostly everything I wrote is underlined as incorrect, quickly realizing that I forgot to switch language. It goes without saying that I change the language immediately. Does the spell-checker de-underline the text? NO. It doesn't for some reason. I have to move my cursor around the text and click on it to get the spell-checker to wake up and actually check the spelling. I don't know how to describe how I feel about this without using unpleasant expressions, so I'll just leave at "I'm frustrated" (which, of course, is a tremendous understatement).
    Also, the spell-check could remember which sites I'm using which language on. I don't think this would be very hard to implement and it would improve the experience greatly.

    Other than that, I'm mostly pleased with the browser and I still hope that these issues will be addressed eventually.

  • Well, just how are bookmarks opened in this version of Opera? I've managed to find how to save them, but now I can't get them opened again. What gives with this?