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  • This is one killer feature I'm waiting for to switch from the less and less "Web-compatible" Opera 12.17: an option to remove/hide close (X) button on each tab, at least on desktop flavors of Opera. Middle-click can then be used to close a tab as usual...

    ...and save some frustration! Indeed, that X is just too easy to hit accidentally (and the more tabs are opened, the higher are the chances to hit it). Sure you can reopen the last closed tabs or use the Recent tabs list, but this won't work for:

    1. private mode;
    2. bring back typed data in a web form, e.g. you go look for info on another tab while filing a form then... oops! closed the form;
    3. Flash/Java/etc. app/game in progress or anything that "runs" and has some "progress" you may loose by closing the tab.

    This 'no close button' option is already automatically applied on the Speed Dial tab when no other tabs are open. I dare to assume this shouldn't be too hard to implement for normal tabs.

    Thank you!

  • Dont agree, Im for already displayed close button on all tabs.

  • I really would love that option back too 😞

  • I would dearly love this option as well.

    The pin option is almost exactly what I want, except that it disables the close button on the right click drop-down, so my suggestion is to add a check box to tweak the behavior, and perhaps name, of "Pin tab".

  • Just wanted to add that an "open all new tabs as pinned" option would be wanted as well. The option I was struggling to name above is "always allow close on pinned tabs" (if checked prevents the close option on the tab drop-down menu from ever being disabled, even if the tab is pinned) and I'd forget about renaming if I were you.

    If there is a way to get all this done by editing some opera.ini file, I'd dearly love to know.