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Freezing every 10 seconds for less than a milisecond

  • Opera freezes every 10 seconds for less than a millisecond.

    It isn't really noticeable unless I'm watching a youtube video, scrolling, or clicking on a menu in the UI.

    I have disabled all extensions and plugins, enabled and disabled h/w acceleration, and reset flags to no avail.

    Any ideas why it is doing this? Thanks in advance.

  • no ideas?

  • Which Opera version? Which distribution? Etc...

    Are you sure it's only in Opera? The last time I was trying Linux kworker from the kernel used to make this to my whole system after I woke my computer from suspension. This could be fixed by now but IDK I only have space for Windows right now in my HDD. Update the kernel package to test.

  • Thanks for your response. Version 26.0.1656.60 on Arch Linux. It is just when using Opera. I don't have the problem on Chromium. My kernel is up-to-date.

  • May be Opera (15+) constantly write data to disk (I installed but I don't use this or rarely use, I don't know what data it has written).

    Copy the output of following command:

    cat /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler

  • Edit1:

    Users complained about constantly HDD active when using Opera (15+) (at the last time I visit developers blogs, I don't remember when).

    On Linux, depend on what I/O scheduler is used, writing (larg) amount of data (constantly) cause 'freezing' the whole system.


    change the 'sda' with your device name.

  • Thanks for your response.

    $cat /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler

    noop deadline cfq [bfq]

    I will change the I/O scheduler and report back

  • I changed the IO scheduler by:

    # echo cfq > /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler

    I also tried noop and deadline but I still had the same problems.

  • Try 'iotop' to see what 'opera' or others read/write on HDD at the moment you notice the 'freezing' of system.

    I use 'noop' scheduler and even copy GiB of data and have no or little slowdown.

    PS: May be the last thing I can suggest is ...changing browser, but it will be consider off-topic.

    If 'iotop' tells that constantly r/w on HDD is not the problem, you should report bug, and hope someone considers to fix it.

    If not, this bug was reported for months and may be never fixed.

  • Thanks for your help. I should have mentioned that I used htop to check the r/w before. I just tried iotop but I can't see any correlation with the freezes.

    By the way, it isn't the system that freezes, just Opera.

    Maybe I should think about filing a bug report.

  • The latest developer version 28.0.xxxx:

    Scroll down to read the comment by Cristi

    Hello. I have Opera 28.0.1745.0 and it has become UNUSABLE after this last update or two (the one where the find was broken was ok otherwise). It has an old problem with session.dbak beeing **written to every 2-3 seconds and creating huge IO spikes on my SSD**. Disk Activity Monitor in Windows shows 0MB/s then10-16 MB/s with System accessing the session.dbak file, opera the session.db file and the db-journal. I can’t do anything without **the browser freezing for 2-3 sec or showing up Opera is not responding. Writing this comment took AGES**. I have Kaspersky IS 2013 as info on a i7 i920 with 24 GB RAM, Intel 510 256 GB SSD and GTX680. Going back to IE for the time. Saaaad. Real saaad. Please check it out.

    This 'feature' was reported about a year or more, (topic about this was on now deleted old forum) but it seems no one care about it.

  • Forget to note, this may be not Linux problem, you must try to search for, e.g. session.db Opera freeze.

  • Hey, what's the size of session.db file in your profile? There's a tool under url opera://tracing which can be used for recording of what the browser is currently up to, its output might be useful when filing a bug report. How can you notice 1ms freezes during a video playback since refresh rate for that is at least 1/60s (16.67ms)?

  • Thanks for your responses. I deleted the .opera folder so I don't know how big the session.db grew. I have been checking it again since and it is growing but very slowly and it is currently only 2.5M.

    After deleting .opera the problem went away but it has started to come back slowly although the freezes aren't as noticeable.

    I know the freezes happened every 10 seconds because I timed it by watching a flash video and keeping an eye on the elapsed time of the video. With regards to how long the freezes are, it was just an estimate. I don't know exactly.

  • Hello,
    I am having a similar problem with Opera 29 on Linux kubuntu. Everything is updated. My drive is working for 3-5 seconds every 11-15 seconds, writing something very heavy it happens only on Opera and it is worse on some web pages than on others. Pages like and have become very iritating to use. While playing chess, since my disk is very loud, it is bad, reading is iritating too, and it is not constant on gizmag, only while you scroll thru text. While I am writing this text I notice similar disk activity but only for a fraction of a second, and also freezing while writing this text, since I don't write too much on forums or anywhere I see how much more iritating this may be. There is more but i will use other thread.