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  • My webApp runs in Safari on my iPad-Air. It is a simple demo employing an indexed database w/ a webGL backup.

    Any help/thoughts?


  • Turn off 'Mini' mode ?.

  • Thanks for the reply. A quick look and I am stumped. What is the 'Mini' mode, and where can I change it? I am new at this, but will research it some.

  • A quick google search tells me that this is not supported by Apple, as all other browsers than Safari use UIWebView on iOS:

  • Thanks alexremem.

    I do understand that. However Safari does support idb use. And the example Does work fine inSafari.
    Perhaps I misued the term 'webApp' which I meant to mean (as does the demo) - an HTML 5 layout w/
    javascript 'applications logic' that runs in a browser's 'sandbox - not a hybrid or native based application.

    My wabApps are not in a UIWebView no even WKWebView, but rather they run in most any browser and
    most any device mobile or not - but not Coast.

    Coast, lets say browser app debugging is quite limited and in fact developers suggest to develop such apps
    in Safari and "hope that they run in Coast too." But now we are back to my problem, this app does not run
    in Coast. The first issue that came to mind is the integration of idb in this app and not others that I have tried
    and if idb or even webGL were even supported in Coast. But I am not smart enough to debug it on my
    own since it runs fine within Sahari.

    Hence my post. Sorry I did not post a better question at first, but perhaps with this expanded explanation
    you may be better able to help.

    Thank you,

  • alexremen,

    After reading more of your posts and looking at profiles, I realized that I am simply missing something. I read your post several more times until I understood. Your words are concise and correct; I just needed some time digesting them.

    " all other browsers than Safari use UIWebView on iOS:"

    Give me a break perhaps, for I am an old man. 😉

    Thank you again,


  • I was perhaps a bit too quick, but I am glad you understood my cryptic answer. 🙂

    If there are any other interested people my answer should have been:

    The browser engine all third party browsers currently use on iOS is UIWebView. Since iOS 8, Safari uses WKWebView. They are quite similar, except for a few things, and one of those things is Indexed DB support.