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Provide a "Force Close Tab" option for hijacked webpages

  • There are, obviously, sites out there with less than scrupulous policies when it comes to reviewing who they allow to advertise on them, or farm out the advertising duties to third-parties who are crap, too.

    I've recently been seeing a lot of pop-up ad pages (yes, even with pop-ups blocked turned on, before anyone suggests checking that), or page takeovers, where they generate what I'm presuming is the normal equivalent of a "Do you wish to leave this page?" message, similar to what Facebook does, if you try to close the tab or leave that page; what they do, however, is replace the text with an entreaty to visit their page and blatantly make the two option buttons redivert to the page that they want you to visit, even if they don't say that they do.

    Now, you can usually close the message window, but that doesn't allow you to close the hijacked page and they get the browser to display the message window if you try to quit the browser, forcing me to open up task manager and kill the Opera process/task.

    Could you add an option to the tab right-click menu that force closes a tab, no matter if it has such message window options?

  • Are you using a new Opera version (Blink Opera), or one of the older Presto Opera versions (v12.17 or earlier)? The reason I ask is that with the new version, a separate process is opened for Opera, each tab, and each extension - hence, using Task Manager would typically involve closing several processes, not just one. If it's a problem in Presto Opera, it won't be fixed because development of Presto code for browsers has permanently ceased.

  • The latest version, or at least the About says it's up to date:

    Version: 26.0.1656.60 - Opera is up to date

    Update stream: Stable

    System: Windows 8.1 64-bit (WoW64)

    Have to admit, I "misspoke", I've been killing the app rather than the individual processes (hadn't looked down the rather long list of processes to see the individual Opera ones); not sure if it will be possible to identify the effected process for the tab that's been hijacked, without a current page suffering from it I can't predict what sort of processing load it might display, if any, that might make it stand out.

    Even so, a force close option would definitely be helpful, e.g. if a plugin on a page locks up.