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  • I just installed Opera on my PC...Windows 7 Professional (it automatically downloaded version 26). I spent 30 minutes trying to find out how to set my homepage and install a home button. The opera help page was wrong:

    You can't right click the tool bar! And there is no "preferences" option!

    The Opera help option in the browser was also wrong. There was nothing when I searched it for "home" or "home button".

    I uninstalled the browser. When Opera opened Internet Explorer for me to do the uninstall survey, the url was wrong! I reloaded, and got the same page error.

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  • I don't know happened but in my computer Opera is working perfectly.

  • This is how you treat new users? This represents a comedy of errors and total failure. No wonder Opera is becoming obsolete and will go the way of Netscape Navigator and Safari. I can't even scroll up and down this message with my mouse as I am posting this! I have to use the arrow keys. Never again. Good riddance.

    Wow, you really do have your problems, don't you. Spent all of 30 minutes trying to do a few things and then ditched Opera and decided to give the company a piece of your mind. Perhaps you should calm down and rethink your opinion. Millions of people use the new Opera browser and evidently don't appear to have the issues you have. In fact, if you follow them on Facebook you'll discover that outside of a few negative posters (we have them here too... as we did on the former forum) most love the new browser. I will admit that I was willing to do some searching and reading beforehand in order to find solutions to the few problems that I ran into but in the end, everything worked out just fine. As for your statement that the browser is "fast becoming obsolete" I would simply ask: then why did you choose to try it in the first place? And the last time I checked, Safari was still viable and holding its own so it certainly is not dead like Netscape.

    Anyway, it would appear that your mind is made up (i.e. good riddance...never again...etc) so I would suggest you stick with Internet Explorer. I'm sure you'll find it easy enough for your purposes.

  • I don't know (what) happened ...

    The first thing that was "wrong" was that the webpage he accessed was the one for Presto Opera (12.10) for the Mac, not Blink Opera for Windows. The next thing "wrong" is that there is no "home" button in Blink Opera versions thus far... so there is no description of it in the Blink Opera help option.

    Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon kind of problem for users new to Blink Opera, and it's quite understandable how it all unfolded. There isn't much detail in the way of comprehensive FAQ's or "how do I do ..." materials yet in Blink Opera's web pages. Frankly, that was something of a chronic problem even back in Presto Opera days, such that it really was the general longevity of that browser family that allowed eventual accumulation of a fairly comprehensive body of material by the time of the end. If I were "king' of Opera, I'd devote some quality resources creating some comprehensive materials that would help users new to Opera who may have arrived from browser brands and versions that behave quite differently from Blink... and then plaster links to such material all over the place. Just sayin'

  • Thanks blackbird71. Your post makes sense. There just are too many problems with Opera. No home button dooms it for me. Even as I write this post of firefox, I only am able to see half of this line in the Opera forums window. And for any other browser, when you search google for answers, the first link usually has it. There is only a limited database of help links for Opera. There was nothing on the page that I referenced in my first post that said it was Presto, not Blink, whatever that is. You need to be a software developer in order to use Opera nowadays, unlike in the past.

  • Ah yes... "if I were King of Opera"... LOL

    I can see the confusion the OP had and which you beautifully outlined for us, bb. And again, I can appreciate that frustration can build up very rapidly. In fact, I've had my fair share of frustration in another program over the years and finally in despair uninstalled it. The difference is in the attitude expressed and we see this demonstrated here much of the time (not all... thankfully). Why can't people just come into the forum and ask their questions civilly instead of: "good riddance, never again, is this how you treat your new users, no wonder you're becoming obsolete..." etc etc etc???

  • BTW... whereas I don't require a "home button" since I use the settings to open to the site I want to deem as a home or start place, you could try the home button extensions offered in the Google Chrome Store. There are several. First you will have to install the "Download Chrome Extensions" in order to use the Google Chrome extensions but I don't see why these wouldn't provide what you're looking for.

  • @leushino: I'm with you on this. I hate how seemingly nobody can talk like a civilized person anymore. When and why did this world turn into a crowd of ranting idiots where everybody and everything ends up being the target of one shitstorm or another eventually...?

  • When I access the help page, I see the new one.

  • I'm almost sure he searched the internet for sth. along the lines of "home button Opera" and only got results for 12.10 as there is none in current versions...
    But blaming Opera for reading help pages that state 12.10 and Mac in its link while obviously being aware of the fact of using 26 on Windows... It's always easier to blame others...

  • I am sorry for my attitude. I was just so frustrated. You think Opera would have made such a basic feature easily available to new users when they are all excited about starting a new browser. It's always been there in the past on Opera and for all other major browsers. It was just unbelievable to me that Opera released this version without a home button option. I use it all the time when browsing, as my home page has all of my links in a format I like. I do talk in a civilized manner on the mozilla and openoffice forums.

    As for extensions, I try not to get involved in them too much. They have caused me trouble in the past. I just want a simple experience.

  • christoph142: I searched for "opera 26 how to set homepage" and got no relevant results in the first few hits:

    The fact that a major browser does not have the option to install a home page button is unacceptable to me.

  • I am sorry for my attitude. I was just so frustrated.

    I get that. But still, remember that you're addressing other people after all next time. Just take a deep breath first. We're happy to help, but we don't like being shouted at 😉

    So, to answer your question: Settings -> On startup (pretty much first item!) -> open specific page is probably what you're looking for.

    (I changed the title of your post to reflect what you actually wanted)

  • Thanks for the info christoph142, and again, I'm sorry I said things in the way I did. I appreciate your help!

  • Still, page on startup and page on a button are not exactly the same things...
    For example, I just like Speeddial - ANY Speed dial, and either use it under the home button - or it's a truOpera where I have to open a new tab (or "long-click" to the start - if available).
    So I mean, there is a homepage for me, and I prefer having a button to instantly access it at any time from any tab. While on startup, I don't need any home page but I use other settings.

  • As was already posted, a home button is available by means of an extension in the Chrome store.

  • I am also new to Opera. I came from Firefox. I do like the fact that the program seems to be lighter on memory usage. And appears to be pretty fast.

    Like greenyellowred, I am a bit mystified at the lack of a native facility to decide what page my favourite page is going to be.

    So far, I've had to install an extension to navigate to my page when I open a new tab. I then had to install another one to ge able to set up the home page I want. I don't have any use for Opera's Speed Dial page. I use FVD Speed Dial. I am not being critical of the native speed dial page. I just prefer something else. Furthermore, I prefer to use Google Canada as my search engine. I am OK, because Google knows where I am and when I type into the address bar, it gives me Google Canada. Others may not be so lucky.

    There is no way to customize the toolbar in order to add/remove/move buttons. Perhaps there is something I am missing.

    It seems that Opera has abstracted away a fair amount of functionality in the browser. I don't necessarily think that's wrong. It will just take a bit of getting used to.

    I am not trolling around trying to cause trouble. I am new to this browser and I would like to continue to use it. It is important that the application work for me though. Not the other way around. I hope you guys accept this as just my honest input. We're all new somewhere sometime and depend on others who have more knowledge and experience.


  • As a long time user of Opera I can see where the confusion lies... I'm using Opera 32 and whilst the browser itself is fine the 'tool-bar' is, frankly, rubbish! However if you want to set your homepage go to that distorted Opera icon (top Left) and select 'Settings'-> 'On Start-up'-> 'Open a specific page or set of pages'-> 'Set pages' and viola! While I'm here does anybody know what happened to the copy thingy that sat on the right click that enabled you to save in a wee list?

  • This is a months-old thread; but I just upgraded from Opera 12 to 32 (and have been using Opera since the days when you had to pay for it--which I still would do, for a truly finished and polished version), so I'll jump in. My understanding is that the current Opera is (a) completely rebuilt from the ground up, and (b) still under development. Who knows? Maybe a Home button will get added later on. Or not.

    I wouldn't call the toolbar rubbish--rubbish, after all, at least actually exists! :eek: There really isn't a toolbar in Opera 32. In fact, I went to Opera Help and searched for "toolbar." Here are the results:

    No results matches on search for "toolbar". Please try refining your keywords.
    Did you mean: toolbar

    WRT a Home button, though, setting a page to be opened on startup is not quite the same: a Home button (or hotkey) will take you to your home page from anywhere in the program while you're browsing. Alt+Home used to do that in Opera 12. The kludge in v. 32 would be to create a link to the desired page on the Bookmark Bar, which can be accessed at all times.

    WRT the "copy thingy" (I love technical terminology!), do you mean the "Copy to note" feature? That's completely gone, along with the notes and the rest of the panels. I'm just starting with Opera 32 (or Blink--where do we learn that it's called that?), but it seems to me that at present its functionality is not much different from other browsers, except for the way it handles bookmarks and Speed Dial. I'm hopeful (in my ignorance) that as it develops, some features like notes and tab-stacking, which set Opera apart from other browsers, may return, since that would actually give people a reason to try it.

  • There are extensions that add a home button to Opera. Thats basically what the Opera team wants. Any feature that isn't used enough for them to spend time developing and maintaining should (hopefully) be added via an extension developed by someone else. There are at least two decent ones I know of in the extensions store for Opera. You should check them out.