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opera mail on Linux no more ?

  • Use Thunderbird or Kontact or Evolution on Linux; these packages are better.

  • i am having problem importing my opera mail from linux opera 12 into opera mail 1 in wine. IMport cnt find the file and justing copying the mail folder into appuser/operamail/operamail - doesn't work either.
    any ideas?


  • The only way to read this is Opera Mail for Linux isn't planned at all.

    It takes some resources put it out, resources that are currently dedicated elsewhere. I'll follow up and see if e can get it done but bear in mind it is currently the holidays.

  • Last update of opera on (arch)Linux => mail client gone.
    It seems now Opera mail is windows only. Effectively making opera a plain webkit browser, no mail, no gestures, what (to me) made opera opera is now gone, replaced by oyaw, Opera yet another webkitbrowser
    Is there any foreseable fix apart from finding an old package ? - which is not really a viable solution.

    I use arch too, the solution is to downgrade opera and make it permanently stay at the version where opera was opera and just another google based browser.

    go to the Arch Rollback Machine and get the package there:

    install it with pacman -U opera-12.16.1860-2-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz

    then edit /etc/pacman.conf to add IgnorePkg = opera

    Now you can use the real opera again until it slowly rots to the point it's obsolete and has to be replaced. It's sad but I think we have to accept that the opera we enjoyed so much is now dead and will not be back and has been replaced by more or less a skin for google chrome. Well as they say hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

  • Available via the official ftp (link below).

  • It should also be in pacman cache on the local machine at /var/cache/pacman/pkg/

  • Let us rejoice as mail will be back soon and the opera we loved too, thanks to John von Tetzchner's new browser vivaldi, currently available as tech preview on linux, windows and osx:

    Suddenly hope again.

  • Guys, I really wish they would bring Opera mail for Linux back. Heck I would even pay for it. Its so much better than the other *nix email clients/browsers out there from a workflow standpoint. This is a script that I found on the net to install Op 12. Cannot remember where I got it, but whoever did it really helped me out. Thanks to whoever you are:

    tar xf opera-12.16-1860.x86_64.linux.tar.xz
    sudo opera-12.16-1860.x86_64.linux/install --unattended --system --name opera-12
    ln -s ~/.opera ~/.opera-12
    sudo apt-get remove opera
  • Yeah, please make it available for Linux! Opera mail is the best mail client ever!

  • When using Opera classic as mail client, is there a way to let it open links from mails with the system standard browser?

  • Cannot remember where I got it, but whoever did it really helped me out.

    I can make a guess, read the post that is 6 above yours! 😛

    Wine? What the hell? Why?