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Organize links in speed dial... ??

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    x86_64, 3.13.0-40-generic


    Sorry if this has been asked before but I'm not finding a match when searching the forum. I've googled for a soln but the solns I've seen don't actually work at all.

    I've accumulated a considerable number of links in speed dial. I like using speed dial, it's convenient, but now I need to organize things into folders and subfolders (it's a mess).

    Googling, I see people saying to drag one tile on top of another and a directory will be created (or do they call it a "group"?). When I attempt to do this opera will not allow it. The tiles merely switch places (it will not allow one tile to be placed on another). I've also seen people saying that you can create a group/directory by having all the links open in tabs and doing something that way. Well it's the existing links in speed dial that I need to organize (not newly visited sites in tabs).

    Reference: < And there are others out there >

    • Is it possible to go in through my file browser and do some 'real' work in organizing this stuff?

    • Is there some 'functioning' plugin that allows me to organize speed dial in a 'mormal' way that actually

    • Any other suggestions that might help me accomplish my goal?

    Thanks in advance for any help


  • Only possible in opera 15 and above

  • You introduce your post with your system specifications which mention you're using Opera 12.1 on a Linux system.
    Then you share a link about help for Opera 15+ on Windows system, which is quite weird.
    You can see here all what you can do with speed dial in your current version :

    If you really want to organize your speed dial items with folders, then it requires Opera 15+.

    If you want an organisation of your links in your current browser, you'd better use bookmarks or notes.