Open links from another source

  • When I try to open a link from an external program, such as an irc-klient. I am getting to the about:blank most of the time. Some few times the link is openend, but that's rarely the case.

    Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS
    Unity 7.2.2
    opera-developer 27.0.1676.0

  • Additional info:

    cat $(locate opera | grep ".desktop")|grep "Exec"
    Exec=/usr/bin/opera %U
    Exec=/usr/bin/opera %U
    Exec=opera-developer %U
    Exec=opera-developer --new-window
    Exec=opera-developer --private

  • Is Opera correctly set as your default browser? Look in opera://settings (Alt + P) under the Default browser section.

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