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Opera for Android feature requests & annoyances

  • Hello,

    Opera is a great browser for Android. The text wrap feature is a reason alone to use it.
    But I found some things that are missing / annoyances:

    • Disable tab and address bar hiding scrolling: I have multiple devices (especially tablets) that have enough vertical space, so the bar scrolling is unnecessary. Unfortunately, when I scroll up and the bar reappears, there is some distracting stuttering that kills the otherwise smooth experience. So I would suggest an option to turn the hiding off.

    • Select all in edit context menu: For example, when I am editing this post, I cannot select all text, I have to drag the two silders manually. This is hard, especially when scrolling.

    • Force enable zoom: This is a must needed feature since on a lot of mobile version sites, the text size is too small and the zoom is disabled. The text wrap feature would work wonderfuly here, if the zoom wasn't disabled.

    • Don't save downloaded files history from private tabs: This defeats the purpose of being private since traces are left.

    • Remember private tabs after hibernation: On low-end devices, if I have private tabs open, then I multitask, after a couple of open applications (that force Opera to "hibernate" since there isn't enough memory), when I switch back to Opera, all my tabs are lost (a single empty private tab is shown).

    • Copy image location in context menu

    • Mouseover support: I don't know if this is a Chromium limitation, but WebKit based browsers support it (for example, the pre-KitKat webview). There are still a lot of desktop oriented / legacy sites that have mouseover menus, thumbnails, tooltips that don't work on Opera (so I have to switch to a WebKit browser for that site).

    P.S.: Is there a more "official" channel for submitting these kinds of suggestions?

    Thank you.

  • I agree especially 1 and 3!