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Partly OT: Autoupdate of Chrome extensions

  • How does Opera handles Chrome extensions?
    There is the following extension that allows you to install Chrome extenstions:

    Now i wonder how these chrome extension are updated once installed. From time to time i get a notification that an extension has been updated. But this is not happening for all extensions even if there is a new version already live on Chrome Web Store for some time. Is the update process handled by Opera Browser or the "Download Chrome Extension"? Does anybody got some information about this? Would be glad to get some explanations 🙂

  • The Opera browser checks our own update system for an extension with the app ID of the extension in question. I wouldn't expect our browser to check the Chrome store. Maybe if there's some directive in the extension's manifest.json stating which update system to use, but it seems weird even then.

    Could it be that the updates you're getting are for the ones you've installed from our store, and that you're not getting upgrades for the ones you've "manually" installed from the Chrome store?

  • @for_d have a look at this 😉

    @knopfdruckoffizier Updates should work for extensions installed out of Chrome Web Store, too. Which extensions are outdated on your machine?

  • i'm sure it happened in the past, atm i don't seem to have that problem, but i'll keep an eye open if this problem pops up again. I'll report back here if there is an issue. But thank you for the reply that chrome extensions should be updated automatically just like Opera ones. i just recognized this before posting here.