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Regarding LastPass extension not getting updated

  • It's about this extension:
    LastPass is one of the most popular extensions, and also featured as recommended on the Opera extension page.

    According to LastPass-Support it's not getting updated because Opera is not approving any new version. Further it seems that new versions are not just rejected, they are not processed at all.

    Letting user stuck with an outdated version of an extension that manages highly sensitive user data is insane!

    As other extensions seem to get regular updates I wonder what where the problem is... Another popular extension i remember that had exactly the same problem in the past was Enhanced Steam. The developer was unable to get any response from Opera. The issue was solved after I started a thread here about it, pretty much the same way I'm doing now. And now I wonder if this is the usual way for Opera users to get regular updates for extensions?

    Opera, please do something about that!
    Thank you!

  • Based on the moderation history I can see, this is not the case. With the exception of a misunderstanding once in June, each new submitted version has been reviewed, and approved, within a day. The last submitted version was submitted in early July.

    It might be that an upload was automatically rejected due to some error in the file (or maybe even due to a bug in our system), but unless they actually tell us that, there's little we can do about it. In such cases, there will be an error message. For bugs, the user might see a "500 Internal Server Error" message. I've asked the developer directly now.

    Re: Enhanced Steam, interestingly the developer uploaded a new version since your last forum post, but he or she never actually spoke to us, neither before or after we asked what the problem was. So there was no "contact". I still have no idea what happened there.

    We review hundreds of version upgrades any given month. If we reject something by policy, we tell the developer why. In 99% of cases it's something that can be fixed in code, and in the vast majority of those cases, the problem is fixed shortly thereafter.

    For reference, there is a "wall" where the developer of an extension can communicate with the moderators and post questions. The dev team reads every single wall post made by developers too.

  • Thank you for your short explanation of the process! Good to hear all is right on your side 🙂
    Sorry for being blunt, but after it happened the second time within a short period i thought something might be wrong... glad that it was just some odd coincidence. Now its LastPass turn!