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  • Hello.

    Just a service announcement. You might not know this, but is the spiritual successor to They share a lot of the same philosophy. As was initially supposed to have widgets too, we copied over the categories used on that site, with smaller modifications.

    Extensions and widgets have different uses, and the other stores out there are using different categories. So now we've addressed that and made some changes.

    New categories:

    • Privacy & Security (now the default shown, instead of Tools)
    • Downloads
    • Developer Tools
    • Fun
    • News & Weather
    • Search
    • Translation

    Deleted and moved:

    • Entertainment => Downloads
    • Games => Fun
    • News => News & Weather
    • Reference => Search
    • Pictures => Productivity
    • Tools => Productivity
    • Travel => Productivity
    • Weather => News & Weather
    • Web Development => Developer Tools

    Additionally, several hundred extensions have been manually recategorized. Developers can change the category of their extensions by clicking Edit Details on the developer details page, or when upgrading the extension with a new version.

  • Thanks for letting us know :up:

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