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Opera 25 - sort bookmarks and folders

  • @ lando242 in summary: all you have to do to implement a basic bookmark sort is pursue some ornate, tedious work around every time you add a bookmark.

    The problem is that that work around is slow, and it gets in the way (as so many other non-features in the post 12.15/17 opera tend to do). Sure the actual page access functionality has improved significantly, but the organizational features are severely lacking (see: progressive digression). So much so that this browser is actually resulting in massively reduced productivity for most skilled users who came from 12.15/17. It's kind of like how the windows CE/pocket pc platform had extremely powerful organization features (business user features [contact to calender seamlessness all wrapped in a logical layout, etc, etc, etc,]) that simply disappeared with later smartphone platforms (probably because those developing them totally forsake their original base [the business community, particularly small business users], and started instead developing for some other user base with lower standards]) such as android and windows phone [which have GUIs that look like they were developed for mentally stunted kids... think sponge bob meets interface/GUI development).

    So as a general question, why are software interface designers getting in the way? Why are they severely impeding the ability of those using the software? Why is software that was developed years and years ago much more functional (in terms of user features [not referring to security aspects])?

  • in summary: all you have to do to implement a basic bookmark sort is pursue some ornate, tedious work around every time you add a bookmark.

    Uhh, no. You just go into bookmarks in the Opera menu, right click a folder and sort. You are making it out to be a huge deal when its not. The default action when adding a bookmark is to put it at the top of the list. So, newer bookmarks are higher and older ones are lower. If you want to sort it yourself its literally 2 clicks away.

  • Yes you can do that IF your bookmarks are in a folder and not unsorted. Still can't sort by date. Searching for bookmarks also messes up the order at least for me. Searching "youtube" returns a random order list for me, not in order of date or alphabet. Bookmarks are still a total mess.

  • right click on the folder in the bookmark bar running along the top and you will get the option of sorting alphabetically, but other than that I don't know of a way to sort on Mac

  • I have Opera 30 on Mac. Right clicking on any folder/subfolder from the Bookmarks menu does nothing - no options appear. Is this a change in v30?

  • Are you in the bookmarks menu inside the Opera menu (top left of the Opera window) or are you in the bookmarks manager (accessed from the speed dial)? Only the former has it currently.

  • I'm in the Bookmarks menu at the top of Opera window - which takes you to the same place as from the speed dial. But I don't see any bookmarks menu in the Opera menu, only "Import bookmarks and settings".

  • Well, I don't know about the Mac version then. I guess its different from the Windows version. This is the Windows forum so you might have better luck finding help on the Mac forum.

  • As of today's date - Aug. 13, 2015 - Here's how to sort bookmarks in Opera:

    1. Bring up a new Opera browser tab.
    2. Left click on the Opera icon in the upper left corner of screen.
    3. Click "Bookmarks" in the drop down manu
    4. Hover over "My Folders" in the "Bookmarks drop down menu.
    5. Right click on "My Folders"
    6. Select "Sort alphabetically in the drop down menu.
    7. Enjoy your sorted bookmarks!
  • Is this correct still?

    I don't seem to have a My Folders option in the drop down menu.

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