Menu Bar

  • I've just upgraded from Opera 12 because certain flash web sites kept crashing it but I'm a bit disappointed to find there is now no option to have a conventional menu bar any more.

    Is there any chance the option to have a menu bar will be brought back?

    On any large screen PC monitor it never took up too much room but it was a tidy and easy way to find all the commands needed in one place. Considering touch screens are still not often used with desktop PC's I can see no benefit to not having the option of a conventional menu bar.

    It is still there by default with Firefox and is also still available in IE but I previously found Opera better in other ways while I was using v12.

    If Opera isn't looking at bringing it back I'll probably go back to using Firefox because I just don't feel the new Opera interface is intuitive or user friendly enough as it now is.

  • Let's count it as a suggestion.

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