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New YouTube Problems with Opera 12.17

  • Is anyone else having more problems now with YouTube using Opera 12.17?
    The main page now seems to take ages to load, and the browser is frozen until the video thumbnails populate.
    When I select a video to play, the video page appears with the playback window, the video starts to load, but then the browser freezes again for about ten seconds before the video continues to load, and then plays OK.
    This has been happening for a while, but the latest thing which I've just noticed is that the video comments are now being displayed in huge text!
    They still look normal on all my other browsers.
    I've tried clearing cookies and changing the site preferences to identify/mask as other browsers, but none of the options makes any difference.
    Also tried disabling AdBlock and YouTube Center, which are the only extensions I have installed, which also made no difference.
    Is anyone else seeing this, or is it just me?

  • It appears some features from Google isn't compatible Opera 12.17. Google images, search layout , and the youtube comments, reverted back to the old style. There is also a few thread regarding this issue, so it's not just you! But here's the solution

    Go to "opera:config --> User Prefs" and copy this line:
    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:31.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/31.0
    to the "Custom User-Agent" field.
    Don't forget to click "Save".

  • Thanks, that does indeed fix the display of the comments, although it doesn't help with the freezing on loading I'm afraid.
    Unfortunately (and I was afraid this would happen, as I've run against this before) putting anything into the Custom User Agent stops PayPal pages from working on my system. The pages load but then immediately go to a blank white screen.
    This happened before when I tried a custom user agent to fix something else, and I never resolved it so I had to abandon the idea.
    Good to see that you can fix the YouTube display with a custom user agent though, I will investigate whether this can be implemented any other way.

  • Maybe someone from Opera should contact YouTube / Google and tell them about this? I'm sure it'll get to the relevant people faster than the user feedback form. In fact, I'm a bit surprised they haven't noticed yet.

    Unless this is some kind of deliberate plan to force people to downgrade to Opera 25.

  • I doubt very much if it's deliberate, but Opera has never (even now) been officially supported by Google.
    Things should still work OK with Opera 15+ as it's based on Chromium, as Google Chrome is, but Presto Opera was always dodgy at best with Google sites, needing a lot of workarounds and tweaking with browser.js etc., none of which is now being updated by Opera themselves.
    It is something Presto Opera users will have to increasingly live with I'm afraid, and will eventually mean that people will have to abandon the browser altogether, as people have had to abandon Netscape and IE6 before it.
    I was just hoping there was some magic user.js trick or something that would fix this, but I fear not this time.

  • Seems to work with opera 12.16

  • Including the comments text display?
    That is interesting, as 12.16 and 12.17 are not very different at all, just a couple of security fixes.

  • Yup.

    I came here because of the broken comments section.

    17 is not a recommended build for whatever reason, so I stick with 16.

    I run opera fresh from an image on every reboot, so I don't have a lot of cumulative errors with my browser.

    Did the recommendations as lukaria suggested. Works fine again.

    Don't forget to thumbs up him.

  • Yes, of course I should have done that, I have now!
    Unfortunately that fix doesn't work for me as it breaks other sites, specifically PayPal.

  • try this.

    And revert back to 12.16 Everything works fine for me.

  • oh and my main youtube page takes a long time to load too.

    Glad it's not just me and my slow computer.

  • @davehawley

    Unfortunately that fix doesn't work for me as it breaks other sites, specifically PayPal.

    Use selective masking by editing override.ini file.
    Global masking via "Custom User-Agent" (opera:config) is a detrimental solution.

  • @fefrie

    oh and my main youtube page takes a long time to load too.

    Try to use this solution:

  • Thanks all of you!
    I had actually already applied that last fix ages ago, but when I now checked it I found that somehow it had become "undone".
    I've reapplied it and now YouTube pages are loading fast again with no freezes!

    Thanks for the pointer to the override.ini editing tip as well, that's fixed the comments display.
    I always thought one of the things they should have added to the site preferences was to allow site-by-site user agent strings to be added (that and fit to width) and I did try once before doing it by editing override.ini, but it didn't work. This time it did!

    Long live Opera 12!

  • @stng

    Thanks for the link on the slow YT main page.

    I have a css running on the page running already to eliminate ads, so I just added the recommended code.

    Eliminated the subscription mess on the right, but the page still loads slow. I have a core duo computer so that might be the problem. I'll respond in the other forum.

  • try this.
    And revert back to 12.16 Everything works fine for me.

    I have to retract this. Using the override.ini does NOT work for me.

    I'll have to delve into what is going wrong wth the ini code.

    Lukarria is the only fix for me, although I've removed it to see if I can get ini working again.

    EDIT: Disregard. I run opera on a ramdrive that starts brand new except for certain files like Override.ini of which I store on the regular drive.

  • Yeah I just noticed some of these issues myself, slow start page and comments formatting. Funny thing is I had enabled auto previews somehow and I can't recall how I did that if it was an extension or youtube settings I used. So now it is slow trying to load all those videos

  • Try to use this solution:

    That does make the comments display correctly, but seems to make it impossible to post (i.e., can't type into the new comment box).

    17 is not a recommended build for whatever reason, so I stick with 16.

    Not recommended? IIRC, it was a security update.

  • Confirmed, I can't type in the new comment box either now!
    Fortunately I rarely comment on YouTube videos!

  • You can share the thing on Facebook and place your comment in the text body, then discuss stuff on there. And to Hell that that's not working.