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  • I've been using only Opera from almost the beginning of that wonderful browser.
    I have the following questions and comments:
    The speed of browsing depends on two things: The browser engine and the speed of usage.
    The latter has been seriously crippled in the new Opera.
    no single click on tab to minimise.
    no single key shortcuts (very few shortcuts at all!)
    no tab groups
    almost no customisation at all !!!
    not possible to see thumbnails of all tabs at once (what is the point of seeing one thumbnail of almost the same size as the page itself that appears slowly, much better and FASTER to click on the tab)
    panel: quick and easy way to information: gone
    Customisation: eg. not possible to put a zoom tool, where one can zoom directly with the wheel without clicking on a button first (I know one can get an extension for thing of this kind but it is much inferior to the other method)
    no longer the perfect email client (the reason to use it was that it was the same program as the browser )
    It seems to me that a new vision has been adapted by those that make decisions in the Opera team. Namely the vision that it is more important that things look cute and fancy than them being good and efficient (do I a smell Microsoft rat here?)

    There main question I have is WHY?
    What is the buiseness model you are building on? You are throwing away the best and firmest user base there exists in the browser world. You are creating a copy on Chrome. You are Forcing the open software community to create a replacement for Opera. You are sailing towards doom! Either it is because of ill adviced decisions (I'm trying to mask a more aggressive word here) or it is in a direct or indirect way of destruction (Connect to the agreement with Microsoft?).
    The last comment I have: It is quite possible to have the fancy new look AND the old possibilities of customisation!
    Why the suicide???

  • Use Opera 12.

    Stop ranting and bullying. Software changes for the needs of many users, not for your own!

  • @imru

    Imru, the only phrase that can possibly count as a suggestion is your very last sentence.
    All the other might rather fit in a "Complaint" board - would we had one...-_-