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Opera Mini 8 can be _vastly_ improved with almost no effort!

  • Hi,
    I just saw that actually offered me an up-to-date version of Opera Mini for my rather old Samsung Wave II with Bada OS 2.0, that is Opera Mini 8 in the J2ME version.

    Thanks for that. correctly identified my model version, but the JAR and JAD files that were transferred can be vastly improved. In the original version as Opera distributes them, they will run in a scaled environment without touch, rotation and with only 2/3 of the available screen space, the rest being occupied by J2ME's default key panel. And in the Java folder, there is a very, very ugly Opera logo (resolution is insufficient).

    To improve Opera Mini 8 is very easy, and could be done by Opera themselves (since they correctly detect the Samsung phone, so they can apply the followin specifically to users of the Samsung J2ME). The following may be true for other Samsung phones with Java, and possibly even for other manufacturers:

    This is done best on a Linux machine (because they can handle RAR compressed archives (and .JAR files are RAR) directly. On Windows you will need a RAR-capable compression program:

    First, find a decent logo of Opera in the PNG format and at least 64x48 pixels resolution (Opera only includes 15x15 in the JAR?!). Then rename this logo into "i.png" and open the JAR file by double clicking it.

    Drag and drop the i.png into the JAR, thus overwriting it.

    Then double click on the directy META-INF inside the JAR. There you will find only one file MANIFEST.MF.

    Open it by double-clicking it, and then simply add these lines to the bottom of the file:

    MIDlet-ScreenMode: ROTATE
    MIDlet-Scaleup-Support: false
    MIDlet-Width: 480
    MIDlet-Height: 800
    MIDlet-Landscape-Support: true
    MVM-Pause-Background: false

    After saving, the archiver will ask you whether you want to modify the archive, which you accept.

    Now simply transfer the JAR onto your phone, and use the file manager of your choice to navigate to it on the phone, and start it. Accept all questions of installation and voilà you got Opera Mini 8 in full beauty on your old phone.


    P.S.: If you do not like to overwrite i.png in the JAR, you can also copy it under some other name into the JAR, then you simply have to make another change to MANIFEST.MF, adapt the line "MIDlet-Icon: /i.png" to your file name, and you're done!

  • Sorry, Operas forum software has removed all the line-breaks in the code section! Of course there ahve to be line-breaks, so "MIDlet-Touch-Support:true" has to be on a line of itself, just as all the lines down to "MVM-Pause-Background: false". They are seven lines in total.

  • "Then double click on the directy META-INF" Oops. Of course that should read "double-click on the directory " 🙂