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Customize Opera controls, buttons and toolbars.

  • Hellow! Before now I use FireFox. I'm used to that in FireFox, you can configure the navigation buttons to your liking. I'd love to be able to make a new version of Opera to be able to add buttons: history, download, refresh the page, sync, forward/back.
    The ability to customize the browser interface to your liking and the fastest engine(webkit) would Opara very popular browser.
    Should look something like this
    P.S. Thanks to the developers for your hard work. I hope my small request will be heard.

  • Would be great if the browser was as customizable as it possibly could be. Not being sarcastic either.

  • You can drag downloads and history to the bookmarks bar, but I do agree it would be nice to at least be able to move the extension buttons. I also would like someone to add an extension for a dedicated search bar like Firefox has because the omnibar is just a waste of space. I like to put extension buttons between the address bar and the search bar but you can't do hardly any customization in Opera.

  • Don't really understand why the omnibar is a waste of space, why not do everything in the same place ? It's more convenient.

  • ... why not do everything in the same place ? It's more convenient.

    That all depends on what a particular user considers "convenient". That depends on many things, including how a user thinks and how that thinking matches the "logic" underlying a browser's layout and functionality groupings.

  • Is there progress in this direction? Or Opera developers do not want to go on about the users as well as Google Chrome? By the way the browser Slimjet also based on Webkit engine, developers are made customaze toolbar.